Challenges for Atheists in 2016

Atheist Ireland is a short and pithy name for “an Irish advocacy group” that promotes atheism and reason over superstition and supernaturalism, and . . . an ethical, secular society where the State does not support or finance or give special treatment to any religion. On January 1, Michael Nugent, … Continue reading

Hands Across The Water

Well, not exactly hands across the water because John Hamill from Atheist Ireland flew across the water to Toronto and met with Eric Adriaans from Centre For Inquiry Canada to announce the charter of the new International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws, and to discuss how both groups will work together as … Continue reading

United Against Blasphemy Laws

The list of groups and organizations from all over the world that have joined the Campaign to Abolish Blasphemy Laws starts with A (Afghan Atheists Organization) and ends with Zed (Zdravomislie (Good Sense) Public Fund). The international campaign was launched on Friday, January 30. The media covered the launch and … Continue reading

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