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Johnson Texas tolerance George Thindwa malawi Robert Bwambale Laurence A. Moran Robert Magara Violine Namyalo Kareem Muhssin Wahhabi barbarity women Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) Takudzwa Mazwienduna Zimbabwe Sarah Mills Jagmeet Singh Ahmadiyya Helen Ukpabio Liberty Gospel Church American Ethical Union Ethical Culture Cameroon scotland England Geert Wilders Terry Murray Church of England Gary McLelland Stephanie Guttormson Tina Block Isaiah Akorita news Jen Takahashi conversion therapy Calistus Igwilo whiskey sleep Disney Parks Uzbekistan United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Paul Kurtz addiction Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group Doug Thomas E-Petition 1264 Nsajigwa Tanzania Jicho Jipya/Think Anew Tanzania Angelos Sofocleous Avery Sapoznikow ayahuasca Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy Bwambale Robert Cheri Frazer Brazil Daniel Dennet Azim Shariff Edward Slingerland edX MOOC cognitive science University of Alberta Angel Sumka sex Mohammed Charlie Khadra rights Chiedozie Ukwakwe Moninuola Komolafe Bayo Opadeyi One Public Education Now Terry Sanderson David Orenstein New York City Ghana Humanist Association of Ghana Roslyn Mould Jichojipya Anya Overmann Philippe Couillard B’nai Brith Canada Diwali Bollywood capital punishment artificial intelligence One Public School System for Ontario One School System Arabic Renton Patterson Jon King Julie Payette Governor General Syed Soharwardy Bahá’í Rome Bethea James Croft The Ethical Society of St. Louis The Way of the Future Ktunaxa Nation v. British Columbia violence Wade Kaardal David King Sophie Shulman CFI West Hill United Church Janet French theism Bamidele Adeneye law Good Men Project Criminal Code s176 Centre for Inquiry Victoria Monica Miller Moncton Humanist Students council week Houzan Mahmoud Culture Project Kurdistan Paul Munyenyembe irreligion Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Kevin Bolling Center for Global Humanities Secular Student Fellowship Guatemala Oasis Network water health Uthman Khan Critical Loyalty UK Humanist Alliance Philippines International Calgary Pro-Choice Coalition International League of the Non-Religious and Atheists The Atheist Conference Mike Ivanov John Brown weekly Rich Lyons Life After Faith faith communism Dave McKee Rick Heller The Humanist Hub Raëlism Faisal Saeed Al Mutar liberal conservative Lita Bablitz Stephen Skyvington God Leslea Mair Losing Our Religion Writer university Ibrahim Abdallah Muslimish Conatus News Waterloo Charlotte Frances Littlewood Hibo Wardere Haras Rafiq Quilliam Angie Johnson Joyce Arthur Yasmine Mohammed Ex-Muslims of North America Faith to Faithless Ellen Wiebe Devon Hargreaves Lethbridge Unitarian Universalism AA Agnostica community LogiCal-LA Bruce Gleason Tammy Pham Moses Kamya Arifur Rahman Andrew Copson Diego Fontanive Steven Tomlins 2018 Nicole Orr Bill Graham healthcare Gordon Guyatt Collen MacQuarrie Catherine Dunphy Pete Paronuzzi leaving Stephen LeDrew Ammar Anwer Teemu Taira Finland World Sikh Organization WSO progressivism update humanists John Carpay freedoms activism Steve Kim Andy Bannister christian magic Canadian Skeptic Meditations Scott anti-Sikhism University of Toronto Secular Alliance Another Godless Atheist End of Fear Project Canadian Council of Christian Charities Prince Edward Island TWIN with Kevin and Benedict Scott Douglas Jacobsen pipeline Kinder Morgan Sikhism humanist religious youth politics pornography men experience patriarchy Benjamin David Muslim gender Waleed Al-Husseini black African-American ex-Muslims ethnicity Muslims Maryam Namazie legal ex-Muslim far right Burundi United States of America values Oxford mother student campus non-religion Elizabeth Loethen Meramec Vic Wang HOH evennts guest speakers Fahad al-Fahad Saudis human rights activist violations imprisonment Amardeo Sarma Will Lane Brexit liberals Ashram inner circle monks benefits SRF Tom McLeish Pandora's Box local representative Bill Morneau pharmacare developed nations SES Alain Sayson Presillas birth certificate parents Rakshit Sharma caste prime ministers Indian history educational movements Black Nonbelievers Mandisa Thomas nurturance nonbeliever world spirituality dharma safety concern French Western stories leaving Islam Vivek Sinha The Times of India Hindustan Times Kashmir afterlife Millennials generations Brean Hari Parekh atheism religion analysis students student society April Ghada Ibrahim arrests cleric Iraqi Communist Party religious faith outcomes Afghanistan Tim Evans World Bank contraceptives children mothers births skilled professionals Chinese Authorities Chinese Buddhism Protestantism Taoism Vatican HAPI Ralph Alvin Ace Rapadas nature social life rules of thumb E4D evidence decision-making champions donors woman older decade poll Bryan Valentino Humanist Alliances Philippines International PolitiTrain Peter Gabany book Free Hearts Free Minds donate monthly GoFundMe dating site pastor Living Stones Christian Reformed Church Paul VanderKlay church ancient Genesis ties Iowa Planned Parenthood abortion right Roe v. Wade Suzanna de Baca Sikh shoes identity self reintegrate cults religions spiritual group member Amitabh pal Progressive state communications director Sodfa Daaji Gender Equality Committee North Africa Coordinator Noura Hussein Hammad #JusticeForNoura gender-based violence SEEMA married Molly Hanson FFRF Common Sense Age of Reason American Revolution democratic government sexual violence forced marriages Bwambale Robert Musubaho vocational skills staff learners scholastic partnership religious fanatics wellbeing Kasese Humanist Schools developments kids Trudeau ambassador summer jobs program public life California Cornell technology New York Queens learning Vidita Priyadarshini European best agreement educational spaces opinions Central European University George Soros Sudan Sudanese Minister of Justice countries citizens Marieme Helie Lucas Hammad Sara Al Iraqiya left Western civilization inequalities Islamic centers global Tanzanian Fundamentalist Religion Mwasokwa Nsajigwa Nsa’sam Founder Jicho Jipya Think Anew Tanzania passion Minister Duncan Marie-Claude Bibeau Dr. François-Michel Boisvert May Summer Jobs Soharwardy Imam Soharwardy Sunni Sufi minority Carl Sagan Canadian Association for Equality Canadian Centre for Men and Families TED Aricans society humanist movement national secutiry Canadian Religion Canadian Science diplomacy foreign scientific movement Golden Rule Dr. Bannister Asfoor atheists scripture divine command theory rational ethical theories Utilitarianism Shia Nacer Ameri United Atheists of Europe Atheist Alliance - Middle-East and North Africa Karrar Al Asfoor black hole singularity Roger Penrose Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics in the University of Oxford Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College and Stephen Hawking Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge quantum effects modified Professor Mir Faizal at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Salwa Alsaleh Lina Alasfar Ahmed Farag Ali National Aeronautics and Space Administration anthropogenic climate system fingerprinting scientists global challenge British Royal Society Government of Canada David Suzuki Foundation deaths human survival Tunisian Ontaio task force Criminal Code of Canada Wilbur Ross Vnezuela Gatineau Section 232 Canadian Space Agency industry partners research-and-development astronomers strategy updates relevant Ismail Mohamed Islamic religious institutions Western countries Dr. Leo Igwe Cross River Southern Nigeria Christians country dialogue interfaith low-income academic foremost Andy Oxlan rich country freethinker Paul Kurtz Euphraxsophy Anthony B. Pinn humanist ethic aesthetic Harvard University class discrimination collective life Rice University competition prodigy science prodigy Sajeev Kohli BioGENEius Challenge in Boston the Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School sCIEN Canadian Atheist lawyer lion zealots fundamentalists B.C. Christianity Today Pew statistics reigious affiliation Guelph Tim Bowman Rev. Tim Bowman Gladwin Heights Church Master of Divinity Vancouver School of Theology Usama al-Binni Arab Atheists Network Arab Atheists Magazine story views Arab al-Azhar University Federal Court Justice Clément Gascon God of the Bible 2015 Tibetan Tianamen Supreme Court Langley BC Canada is one of dozens of countries Space is obviously something that most people Seaweed could become a staple OTTAWA — The sales practices of Canada's Government of Canada investing close to $25M Marie Alena Castle century decades-long activism and persistence women age into the darker years The clarity of thought the moral authority the extensive time perspective portrayed UN US Nikki Haley Scott Douglas Jaocbsen withdrawal United Nations Human Rights Council zero tolerance Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein Earl Phillips Carline Klijnman Topical Magazine Interview Publication Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms LSBC & LSUC v. TWU Defence lawyer Julie Santarossa says King Baptist summer camp in Jordan Falls Supreme Court’s decision in the Trinity Law School including murderers like Quebec mosque House of Commons Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project It’s TransCanada’s I knew that there was a reasonable chance Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr Newsweek Revitalizing NRC research facilities Further positioning the NRC Deepening research excellence Achieving the promise of Budget 2018 Mr. Stewart has been serving as President of the NRC Participating in Athena SWAN Schulich Leader Scholarship Borycki co-created the first double degree Dr. Elizabeth Borycki Digital innovation is essential Honourable Kirsty Duncan Watchdog UN Special Rapporteur Rightto Housing Tribunals Canadians National Housing Strategy Sikhs Murder Atwal Sandhu Sexual Education A Workforce in Transition: Oil and Gas Skills of the Future PetroLMI Energy Safety Canada Oil Gas Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide Regulation Provincial and Federal Shif Gadamsetti one other nurse an anesthesiologist a surgeon SAMRU Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse Support Staff Canadian Alliance of Students' Associations Alumni Council Babu Gogineni Rationalism Court Case People 550 experts on women’s issues which found India original publication denial fundamental human rights normal Satan North American Free Trade Annapolis Maryland Religion Canadian Religion Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints Blackmore’s defense lawyer Blair Suffredine any changes to how Canada McKenna says the government Environment Minister Catherine McKenna Mir Faizal University of Lethbridge Physics & Astronomy we could demonstrate from our quantum no-singularity theorems Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems quantum gravity Asylum border crossing Canadian Council for Refugees Canadian Council of Churches July Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a supporter of feminist causes Canada's steel and aluminum industries Weekly Update courts governments restrictions Kari Simpson Canada Summer Jobs Canada Summer Jobs attestation controversy Biblical contradictions ashrams Reginald Bibby Liberal Catholicism Anglicanism Quantum Logic Classical Logic Adjunct Professor in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Lethbridge physics and astronomy Zionism Palestinian Nationalism Israeli-Palestinian issue Obaid Omer Gallup Heretics Corner Interview with Obaid Omer on Religion and Heretics Corner Canadian Food Inspection Agency Phil Zuckerman Attitudes Karen Garst AMerica MGTOW 4chan New Mythologists Mythicist Milwaukee Caucasian Psychology Today Andy Steiger Apologetics Canada Two Surveys on Religious Attitudes In measuring how well Premier Doug Ford Canadian Atheisn Handicap Principle Published Scientists Annabel Gravely The Globe and Mail Asian nations G7 Surveys Evolutionary Theory Biological Sciences Melanie Wilderman Faithiest Interview with Melanie Wilderman - Author Oklahoma non denominational Christian summer camps Claire Klingenberg Nation LGBTQ+ Nuns Sexual Abuse #MeToo From Nuns to None: End of an Era In-Sight Publishing Arya Parispur imposed Islamic ideology Limu Shirin The Bitter Story of Life After the Iranian Revolution sweet lemon Persian Euthanasia MAID As a criminal lawyer one issue Protesters and the Saskatchewan government The Canadian Civil Liberties Association New Brunswick's Court of Appeal That’s how much a family of four articles go from one ridiculous subject Maxime Bernier the 2017 Conservative Party of Canada Canadian-Pakistani filmmaker Arshad Khan Rev. Dr. Palamattam Shortly after my book Firestorm physicists at CERN have observed a benchmark atomic energy hen the research community is as diverse as the communities we live in We are pleased to announce the seventh cohort of Schulich Leaders Lice Plates Offensive Cars The License Plates Deemed Offensive Convention Article Convention on the Rights of the Child Sexual Education in Ontario: Canadian Civil Liberties Association Lawsuit OHCHR Opinion Interview with an Anonymous Egyptian Author Translator Materialism some new ex-Muslim voices Sharif Gaber Ibn Waraq An indigenous lawyer hopes to bring some diversity The ongoing conversations on diversity The fate of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s A new report by Vernon city administration Manitoba (Reuters) - With one surprise court ruling when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau abandoned his plan If you were ever curious as to how cheese gets made in Canada It is often said that 30 Years of Giving in Canada A video showing a group of men in an unknown location As the Aug. 31 deadline for Saudi students to leave Canada passes This lecture will explore in what ways religious belief Science is about knowledge Miasya Bulger and Raphael Hotter QIKIQTARJUAQ NU Aug. 31 2018 /CNW/ - Bridging the gap between Indigenous knowledge and Arctic research I wrote an article entitled Payette: It's a Joke Folks Sugar Jim Haught You are a long-time atheist I think each human personality I’ve written eleven books I hear people gush about how God saved them One of the nations in which this is a problem is Boko Haram it to lose a home Al-amin Dagash IDP Camp Maiduguri Ben Osondu Uduka Interview with Mr. Ben Osondu Uduka - Member School Activities Catholic Apostolic Sunday school the atheist community A Case Against God by George H. Smith Natural Atheism by David Eller Jesus is Dead by Robert Price Interview with Mr. Ebenezer Odubule - Member educational institution work force religion is a key factor individual’s level of competence and fidelity to humanism This allows for manipulation and patronage that religion is a substitute to good governance in Nigeria all-powerful spiritual entity some early moments of questioning faith Interview with Vahyala Kwaga - Member any pure or applied science course a country of 190-200 million The average Nigerian is 'religious' Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill European countries In Conversation with Diane Burkholder – Co-Founder One Struggle KC Zachiam Bayei Interview with Zachiam Bayei – Member religion a big part Moses saw the back of God Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba Members of the Acadian community We're a tossed salad not a melting pot Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending NAFTA's Canada's weak financial laws and regulations New Brunswick is Canada’s This Week in Canadian Religion 2018-09-09 After working all day as a biomedical field-service representative There's a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous Saudi Arabia called for the withdrawal I was working on how to help Two of my friends unfriended each other Agnes Vishnevkin Conversation with Agnes Vishnevkin MBA on Intentional Insights and the Pro-Truth Pledge PTP Policy Nsajigwa I Mwasokwa (Nsajigwa Nsa’sam) Our venture is monumental Next step for us is the preparation The passing of Elder Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru While many possible nonbeliever individuals are on the closet The public day for chimpanzee marked We did our fourth Jichojipya Think Anew AGM on 23rd June 2018 That didn't take long OTTAWA—Former prime minister Jean Chrétien the Better Local Government Act A couple from Brooks When the Canadian government Maxime Bernier has debuted the People's Party of Canada Three senior members of Justin Trudeau's This Week in Canadian Religion 2018-09-16 Canada’s religious landscape has shifted in recent decades This week marks the beginning of the holiest period A group of bikers An Indigenous renter in B.C. This Week in Canadian Science 2018-09-16 Canada is well Step into the grocery aisle The Canada Science and Technology Museum The Klondike region of Canada A Western University professor My name is Jummai Mohammed Interview with Jummai Mohammed - Member I have always question religion it is a glaring fact Nacer Amari Donations help us come over any obstacles The Western world is facing the risk my main focus is to formally register The work of humanitarian activism Interview with Nacer Amari on Humanitarian Activism and Prometheus Europe African-American community black community The new Pew Research numbers show 87% Founder and President African Americans for Humanism Dave Solmes Living Waters Church Evangelical Christianity I see tumultuous days ahead for Canada When the Liberal government Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday The debacle over Canada’s oil pipeline In the wake of the uncertainty Canada seems to be experiencing most Canadians would likely agree The Jewish community in Vancouver This Week in Canadian Science 2018-09-23 A new survey suggests that 75 per cent The Prime Minister's Science Fair In celebration of Global Biotech Week They might be Prometheus Europe By comparing and deciding for themselves It depends always from personality current times the best way It again varies depending on the country Each country presents Marshall Applewhite Fascism/Nazism Rajneesh or Osho Reverend Jim Jones I'm an American Canada’s military justice system OTTAWA – Canada and the United States Advocates are calling for the federal government Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith CAMPBELL RIVER—It’s no sin Should public officials grant religious organizations A recent Angus Reid survey Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government The content will give it away they can be quite brutal quite condescending We acknowledge social media I grew up in a family I remember when I was 8 I think the most important thing They can involve themselves Yazan the core of religion I was born in Syria I wasn't interested in religions My advice is read well we need accurate statistics The types and ratios of risk statistics for secularists Zilan Your personal lifestyle interferes I have experienced here in Southern Algeria Unfakery Felicia Cravens Conversation with Felicia Cravens - Founder I moved into Mass Communications 2015-2016 primary cycles went crazy I thought knew better sharing a lot of fakery François Legault the premier-designate of Quebec It has been 100 days An assignment that asked students It's probably hard for Quebec Liberals OTTAWA — Where will Canada focus The provincial district of Gatineau This Week in Canadian Religion 2018-10-07 Canadian public employees may be banned Two weeks ago I wrote about experiencing a deeper reality in life Canadian scientists and professors Did you know Canada VANCOUVER — British Columbia's rattlesnakes For more than six years an army of citizen scientists Chocolate is much more complicated a United Methodist Church it is nice to have the atmosphere When I invite a guest Mary Mac's Tea Room Lynn Perrin Issues PIPE UP Network Lynn is the parent of two adult daughters Kinder Morgan contractors Trudeau Government the Notley Government Vancouver City's AGM back in early May Brad Strelau Alliance a missions-oriented church social gospel father of two English Premiere Football Conversation with Pastor Brad Strelau - Pastor CA Church: Town Center we have people in Turkey Gospel Hinduism in India A Vancouver father is challenging the province The federal Conservatives say they would Mounting concerns on both sides OTTAWA – People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier OTTAWA -- Canada is contributing $50 million When the Trudeau government agreed This Week in Canadian Religion 2018-10-14 Vancouver is a city full of people The crucifix hanging in Quebec's National Assembly After more than three years This week we are devoting Oct. 9 2018 /CNW/ - In the face of global economic challenges WINDSOR ON 2018 /CNW/ - Science is about discovery we have witnessed what might otherwise There are often times It's what you say but how you do it There can also be the nuanced areas white privilege male privilege we are pro-LGBT pro-community building Gleb Tsipursky Intentional Insights Pro-Truth Pledge UNC-Chapel Hill Moldova Jewish intelligence Howard Burman Chat with Howard Burman - Secretary Board of Directors I applied for a Board position Universal Declaration of Atheist Rights West Coast Accord Elisabeth Mathes Interview with Elisabeth Mathes – Affiliates Director my parents are Protestant I recall that my grandparents both had to do with the books The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Book Drive Around the World in Nigeria West Coast Christian Accord Giulio Gabeli Dave Carson Kevin Cavanaugh traditional biblical based evangelical Morgane Oger Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Parent Sons Sven van de Wetering Implicit Association Test Anthony Greenwald the reduction of prejudice in large groups the degree of xenophobia worldwide turn toward right-wing populism the literature on xenophobia powerful incentives to perpetrate such sensationalism Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty and Religion and Ethnicity The Supreme Court of Canada The World Trade Organization is under threat Jair Bolsonaro a far-right Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Watching corporate sponsored mainstream news This Week in Canadian Religion 2018-10-28 There is undeniable historical truth The new Quebec government’s proposed assault Typical police arrest bulletins This coming Saturday the National Post marks various Christian apologists This Week in Canadian Science 2018-10-28 Authored by Canada’s Economic Strategy tables Canadian fisheries scientists Offshore Nova Scotia surface ocean temperatures Canada is the destination of choice for some of the world's leading scientists Vikram Parahoo a student in British Columbia Mauritius Hinduism is the majority religion the one in Canada Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris’ Shaykh Uthman Khan on Bias Prejudice and Xenophobia Against Muslims Founder of Black Nonbelievers Inc African-American woman Secular Connexion Séculière some of the big wins Colorado first black congresswoman Democrats are now the majority Beto O’Rourke President Obama Humanim International headlines reason [Canada Supreme Court Judge] Thompson postal workers Federal New Democratic Party Leader OTTAWA -- Canada's chief science adviser Quebecers are among The federal government spends an average The science is clear This Week in Canadian Religion 2018-12-02 Following last year’s initial Decretum Symposium NEW YORK — Did Albert Einstein Fatima Ahmad has been dreaming new data show crimes targeting a person’s religion and Gina Clarke was furious when her This Week in Canadian Science 2018-12-02 the Government of Canada Members of Canada’s space The evidence is clear TORONTO — Canadian researchers God to the Indigenous folks Most on social media human beings see things differently it does conflict Chhristianity American Atheism Charter of Rights and Freedoms Canadian Society Canada's provincial and territorial finance The arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou Canadian special operations troops Canada is set to adopt an international migration pact This Week in Canadian Religion 2018-12-10 When Canada's research community the Canadian research community Half the country’s chinook salmon The federal government she saw the baby mountain goats battle lines are drawn over the Coalition Avenir Quebec Canada may appear very secular I’ve previously introduced the notion My family went to a big celebration Will the new Coalition Avenir Québec Mental Illness Merry Mental Wellness - Sincerely leadership character nonbelievers Evangelicalism Event Legislation It’s been over six years An Ontario judge erred Canada Post facilities Sharing a computer with someone Former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig For Parliament Hill watchers Canadian diplomats will be granted access Canada has been granted consular access This Week in Canadian Religion 2018-12-16 The United States Commission An atheist couple in Canada Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale Atheism and faith can coexist Canadian Minister of Environment Dozens of African researchers Innovation funding competition Winning a Nobel Prize The berries tasted different 2018 Outstanding Achievement Awards Prime Minister Trudeau: Conservatives "Fearmongering" and "Spreading Falsehoods" Migration Debate Eastern Europe Fair Property Tax Exemptions End Blasphemy Laws Public Funds for Public Schools Secular Addictions Recovery End of the Year BCHA Interview with Ian Bushfield Council of Ex-Muslims of France Controversy Fear and Hostility and French Ex-Muslims: Waleed Al-Husseini Douglas Todd Thomas Ryan Bell A Month or So Albert Einstein God Letter BBC News "Going to Hell for Laughing" Administrator Interview Online Social media Compassion Terri Hope Grey Bruce Humanists Skeptics Michel Virard Francophone Anglophone Tim Mendham Interview with Tim Mendham - Executive Officer & Editor Australian Skeptics Inc. pseudomedicine Interview with Barrie Webster - President Victoria Secular Humanist Association Barrie Webster Perry Atheist Human Fredric L. Rice Interview with Fredric L. Rice – Administrator Skeptic The Skeptic Tank Le Québec Sceptique Louis Dube Edinburgh Skeptics Heather Pentler Interview with Heather Pentler – Committee Member Gayle Jordan American Atheists Kentucky Kentucky "The African Atheist" Edward Seaborne Ann Reid Funding teacher strikes science education National Center for Science Education Interview with Doug Thomas - President Secular Canada Donald Lacey Arizona early life Air Force Tim Ward American Atheists Oklahoma Interview with Tim Ward - Assistant State Director Ryan Boone unbelievers Social Skills Ask Gretta 1 - World Beyond Belief Through Grace in the Search for Understanding Grace Understanding Kristine Klopp Alabama American Atheists Alabama David Kelley Scott Douglas Jacobsenb Interview with David Kelley - Board Member At Large Sunday Assembly Seacoast Ask Gretta 2 - Expect the Unexpected and the Expected Chris Ask Mandisa Grants Non-Profits Bakari Chavanu Black Humanists and Non-Believers of Sacramento Administrator African-American Humanism European-American Humanism Judith Daley Dying with Dignity NSW Frances Coombe South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society SAVES CBE Dr. Tung LAM Honorary Inaugural Obama Foundation Fellow Medical Law Consultant Lucie Jobin President Patrick Morrow Doha Mooh Asylum Alaykom: Freedom Finders and Keepers Interview with Megan Denman - Assistant State Director American Atheist Ohio Megan Denman Ohio Mark Newton New Hampshire Dr. Philip Nitschke Exit International Carmenza Ochoa Uribe Fundación Pro Derecho a Morir Dignamente Ask Gretta Ian Wood National Co-ordinator Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Assisted Dying Marquita Tucker Co-Organizer Black Nonbelievers of Detroit Lancashire Lancashire Humanists Keith Pennington Kim Newton Virginia science projects Interview for Kim Newton M.Litt. - Executive Director Camp Quest Inc. (National Support Center) theists religious security blanket LDS ward CSAW Interview with Carly Gardner - State Director American Atheist Nevada Ask Joyce Sexual Education Curriculum Finding Some Sunshine Peaceful Death Dying with Dignity Faye Girsh Final Exit Network World Federation of RTD Societies Karis Burkowski non-believers Society of Ontario Freethinkers effective tools Interview with Jim Lyttle - Secretary Lake Superior Freethinkers Freethoughts Secretary Jim Lyttle Northern Canada Duluth Minnesota It's ugly out there dangerous incursions legal and advocacy department religious Right Silvia Park Interview with Silvia Park - State Director American Atheists Virginia State Director Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization (ERGO) Derek Humphry ERGO Meredith Doig Interview with Dr. Meredith Doig OAM - President Rationalist Society of Australia Minnesota Atheists & National Leadership Council and Campus President Interview with Raghen Lucy - Assistant State Director Secular Student Alliance (Minnesota State University Mankato) Right to Die Society of Canada Interview with Ruth von Fuchs - President Ruth von Fuchs Margaret Downey Interview with Margaret Downey - Founder & President Triangle Freethought Society In Memoriam Deo Ssekitoleko - Representative of Center for Inquiry International  - Uganda Deo Ssekitoleko Freethinking Interview with Merja Soisaari-Turriago - Secretary EXITUS ry Merja Soisaari-Turriago Amanda Poppei Minister Amanda Poppei Ask Minister Poppei Ethical Society Justin Scott bird dogging 2016 presidential race Bryan Oates Syracuse Interview with Bryan Oates - Administrator "Syracuse Atheists" Interview with Herb Silverman - Founder Secular Coalition of America Herb Silverman William Flynn Interview with William Flynn - Founder Camden County Humanists New Jersey Camden Sandra Z. Zellick Humanists of Sarasota Bay Winthrop Asuncion Alvarez del Río Advisory Council Member DMD Mexico Bwambale Musubaho Robert School Director Kasese Humanist School Rukoki/Muhokya/Kahendero Soma Interview with Soma - Administrator "Secular Indian" The United Church of Canada Ask Mandisa 16 - From Governments to Households: Upstream Downstream Trump Pipeline Issues Concerns Conversation with Lynn Perrin on More Pipeline Concerns Soul secular activism practical pragmatism Ask Herb 2 - Sacrificial Activist: Shepherding Community Civic and Political Life St. Pierre Interview with Claudette St. Pierre - President Interview with Dr. Rob Jonquiere M.D. - Executive Director World Federation of Right to Die Societies Rob Anne Landman Board Member Interview with Lucie Jobin - President English Minister Payira Bonnie Humanist Empowerment of Livelihoods in Uganda (HELU) inhumane Family Structure Atheist Society of Connecticut Rhode Island John Hamill National Committee Turing Computer Science Jason Torpy Freethinkers Christopher Smith South Carolina WASP Roy Speckhardt Executive Director AHA MBA Zenaido Quintana Chair Acting Executive Director Secular Coalition for Arizona Secular Communities for Arizona Jim Hudlow Inland Northwest Freethought Society Spokane Shared Future Religious Beliefs Care Others Michael Cluff South Jersey Humanists South Jersey Interview with Rob Boston - Editor Editor Housepainter chaotic Altoona Pennsylvania Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry Atheist/Humanist Alliance College of Charleston Keeping on Pounding René Hartmann Chairman Internationaler Bund der Konfessionslosen und Atheisten life work Dad Faithfully Luther League Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Springfield Jeanne Arthur Dying With Dignity ACT Flinders University Darwin Australia Randy Best Leader Northern Virginia Ethical Society (NoVES) Scott Doouglas Jacobsen Ain't No Stopping Us Now Jos Helmich society for public education Bengali Ex Muslims Republic Death threats Muslim majority country Susan Nambejja Malcolm Childrens' Foundation Dorothy Hays Humanists Association ASHA Silverman Lining Ask Herb 4 - The Silverman Lining on Activism August Berkshire Minnesota American Atheists New England Interview with Milad Resaeimanesh - Central Committee of the Ex-Muslims in Scandinavia Milad Resaeimanesh Scandinavia Central Committee of the Ex-Muslims in Scandinavia Zimbabwean Secular Alliance informal leader Mutare Kwekwe Scott Sharrad Atheist Foundation of Australia Dynamics Adelaide Haafizah Bhamjee Executive Administrator "Ex-Muslims of South Africa" Mubarak Bala organizations

The Non-Conference 2015: A message from Spencer Lucas, Founder and Organizer

I launched The Non-Conference in November of 2014 with the rather bold intention that it would become an annual highlight in the atheist event calendar. With the success of the inaugural conference and the growing interest and excitement for the next, scheduled for August 2015, I am pleased to see … Continue reading

Canadian Apatheist

As defined in Wikipedia, “Apatheism, also known as pragmatic atheism or practical atheism, is acting with apathy, disregard, or lack of interest towards belief or disbelief in a deity.” In Chris Silvers’ academic work on atheism, this falls under the non-theist type, which is one of six sub-types that he describes. … Continue reading

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