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The Cheerios Effect

by | June 19, 2015

I don’t buy cereal very often – in fact it’s usually a bit of an impulse buy and it usually takes quite a while for any such products to be completely used up when they do finally reach my house.  That’s been the case for me ever since reading Steinbeck describe breakfast cereals as “tortured grains” in one… Read more »

Quilts of Valour

by | May 29, 2015

I have a friend who likes to do quilting.  Yes quilting – hand-made comfort and warmth in the form of a blanket. My friend, like me, is also very committed to contributing to Canada and the community whenever possible…so my friend started to contribute to an organization called Quilts of Valour.  According to their website, they’ve… Read more »

Murder thy name is “blasphemy”

by | May 1, 2015

The Star has reported that yet another murder has been committed in Karachi.  This time the victim was an academic named Waheed ur Rehman.  The Star report states that: Tausif Ahmed Khan, the former head of the mass communication department at Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology in Karachi, said that Rehman had… Read more »

Criminal Code Section 365

by | April 21, 2015

Canada’s Criminal Code Section 365 states: 365. Every one who fraudulently (a) pretends to exercise or to use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration, (b) undertakes, for a consideration, to tell fortunes, or (c) pretends from his skill in or knowledge of an occult or crafty science to discover where or in what manner anything that is… Read more »

Health Canada: Public Consultation Survey

by | April 21, 2015

On April 16, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published an article advising of an opportunity to inform government of “what information people want about drugs, how it should be available and who should provide it. The survey is open to anyone.” There is a survey which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and includes an introductory question… Read more »