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Aux Armes, Canadiens?

by | November 23, 2015

After the recent Islamic State (also known as ISIL, ISIS and Daesh) attacks in Paris, France’s atheist President François Hollande was quick to vow to destroy the jihadist caliphate (full French transcript here) by forming “une grande et unique coalition”. France also launched heavy air strikes on Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State, and… Read more »

Rex Murphy On Institutes Of Higher Whining

by | November 15, 2015

I seem to have more time for Rex Murphy than do most CA writers and commenters. I don’t always agree with the man, but I appreciate his acerbic writing and his crusty, canny sensibilities. Even when his columns strike me as misguided and badly argued, they’re entertaining and contain points I can at least vaguely… Read more »

War On Christmas: The Battle Of Starbucks

by | November 13, 2015

Here at Canadian Atheist we’ve been diligently preparing for the War on Christmas, but in the United States an opening skirmish has already taken place. Starbucks, that fount of decent enough coffee and unfailing pretentiousness, decided to [trigger warning!] unveil “hoilday cups” that were red in colour but had no pictures on them, other than… Read more »

Happy Holy-Ween?

by | October 31, 2015

If you thought Halloween was just a harmless occasion for dressing up like your favourite celebrity while skull-shaped celestial objects hurtled past overhead, think again. Experts understand that this seemingly lighthearted celebration is fraught with little-known hazards. Rome’s chief exorcist, Gabriel Amorth, has warned of a danger to young people at Halloween, because of the… Read more »

The Meaning Of Atheism, Part 3: The Meaning Of Agnosticism

by | October 5, 2015

In both Part I and Part II of this very intermittent series, I argued that the terms “agnosticism” and “atheism” were best used to describe distinct and mutually exclusive, though vaguely delineated, positions regarding the existence of deities. An atheist would tick the “no” box when asked whether at least one god existed, whereas an… Read more »

Nocturnal Adventures Of A Skeptic

by | September 28, 2015

I was walking down a hallway on an upper floor of a fading, run-down apartment building, with a set of keys in my hand. I don’t remember why I was there, except that it had to do with laundry. I was looking for a washing machine, or trying to find a flashlight so that I… Read more »