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America’s Ugly Flaw

by | July 9, 2021

By James Haught Sometimes it seems like we live in a huge loony bin where things make no sense. How could the world’s richest, strongest nation give its highest office to a crude, vulgar, shallow, petty, self-worshiping, obnoxious, racist schmuck? How can Donald Trump draw so much political support? Is it raw racism — widespread approval of… Read more »

Ask Jon 32: To be Witnessed to Witness Change

by | July 9, 2021

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Jonathan Engel, J.D. is the President of the Secular Humanist Society of New York. Here we talk about the need for the secular to stand up (and out). *Interview conducted January 25, 2021.* Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So, we had the inauguration with newly elected and appointed, or newly elected and put into a formal… Read more »