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Ask Professor Burge 21: The Death Penalty and the Decline of a Majority

by | July 8, 2021

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Professor Ryan Burge‘s website states: “I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science as well as the Graduate Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University. I teach in a variety of areas, including American institutions, political behavior, and research methods. My research focuses largely on the intersection between religiosity and political behavior (especially in… Read more »

Ask Jon 31: Capitol Jacquerie

by | July 8, 2021

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Jonathan Engel, J.D. is the President of the Secular Humanist Society of New York. Here we talk about the attack on Capitol Hill.   *Interview conducted January 11, 2021.* Scott Douglas Jacobsen: It has been a few weeks since our last session. There have been some drastic events, some expected events. Most drastic was… Read more »