Canadian Atheist awards postponed

by | February 9, 2021

Sorry to announce this, but the remainder of the 2021 Canadian Atheist awards have been put on hold for a few days.

The reason for the postponement is simply that I’m absolutely swamped with work and other stuff at the moment. I knew going in to February that I was going to be overwhelmed, but I still figured I could budget enough time to manage everything and and still do the awards and still have some wiggle room for the unexpected. Well, the unexpected happened, but I still soldiered on, doing all-nighters for the last couple of nights… then more emergencies happened, and I ended up passing out at my desk last night. That was a clear warning sign that it was time to start pushing some things back, and unfortunately, Canadian Atheist has a low priority among the things I have to deal with right now.

What remains of the Canadian Atheist awards is just the announcement of the Person of the Year award (and the wrap-up party). That, however, is the biggest and most important award, so it’s the one that I most definitely do not want to half-ass in an exhausted fugue.

When will the awards resume?

I don’t want to give a hard date/time for when the awards will resume, because if I can sort things out quickly and get it done tomorrow, then I’d like to do that. But if I can’t, then the worst case scenario is that the awards will resume in a week, after the weekend, when I can actually get some time to do it right. So, at worst, the Person of the Year award will be announced .

Incidentally, the Weekly Update for this week is still scheduled for Saturday morning. There doesn’t seem to be a need to delay that… at least for now.

Once again, apologies for the delay, and in exchange, I hope to produce an absolutely stellar Person of the Year award, and publish it as soon as its ready.

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