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by | April 11, 2020

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

  • [] “The Alt-Right Playbook: I Hate Mondays” (Video: 15:35)

    Innuendo Studios is, in my opinion, the best source anywhere for getting a really deep understanding of the conservative, far-right, and fundamentalist mindsets. “The Alt-Right Playbook” is a long-running series diving very deeply into the way conservatives and reactionaries think, and the strategies they use both to view the world, and to shape it to their desires. I very highly recommend the entire series (the instalment subtitled “The Card Says Moops” is probably the best take on alt-right thinking you’ll find anywhere), but this video cuts very cleanly into our concerns here at Canadian Atheist. Danskin takes his sweet time laying out the premise; it’s not until around halfway through the video that he finally reveals the connection to religious thinking. Whether you buy his take on it or not, you can’t deny he builds a very strong case that, at its core, religious conservatives and fundamentalists don’t really want to change the world… they just want to punish anyone who strays from the prescribed path.

  • [] YVCE 🧛‍♂️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♂️ on Twitter

    So we’re in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis, and related economic catastrophe, and what is The Rebel Media up to? Why, harassin’ Muslims, of course! “Journalist” David Menzies apparently found a mosque that was flying a Canadian flag inappropriately, and decided that not only was this newsworthy, it was newsworthy enough to make it onto the air even amidst everything else happening in this country. Not only that, but even after the mosque apparently took action to address his complaints, he still had to do a follow-up with most stuff to complain about. As ridiculous as all that is, though, there is a much, much darker side to this story that comes up once you look at how The Rebel Media’s fans are responding to Menzies’s rabble-rousing.

  • [] Calgary police fine street preacher for violating COVID-19 health orders

    Oi, it’s only vaguely hinted at in the article, but this self-righteous asshole has been around for years. His shtick is that he’s all about helping people on the street – the homeless and such – which he does by giving them some legitimate help… along with a whole, heapin’ bowlful of Jesus. If Pawlowski were just about helping the homeless – even if he did do it in the most cloyingly evangelistic way – there wouldn’t really be much reason to spare any thought to him. But Pawlowski is a bigot, and a shameless opportunist, whose fans include some unfortunately powerful people. He’s also one of those religious shits who deliberately provokes the law to action, then claims persecution when it inevitably happens. That’s what’s really going on here; Pawlowski is just exploiting the COVID-19 crisis for publicity by flaunting the health orders about large gatherings and physical distancing, then acting butt-hurt when the cops do their jobs.

  • [] Public divisions seek to appeal ruling on Catholic school funding to Supreme Court

    Good, I was hoping for this. The overturning of the Layh ruling was the most devastating news of the year (so far; and very likely to ultimately be the most devastating news of 2020). I still haven’t had time to process the appellate court’s decision, or to figure out viable strategies for arguing against it – and I’d really like to hear some legal experts’ opinions on it, too, before I settle too deeply into my own, amateur opinions.

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