Ask Takudzwa 24 – A New Spring

by | February 3, 2020

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Takudzwa Mazwienduna is the informal leader of Zimbabwean Secular Alliance and a member of the Humanist Society of Zimbabwe. This educational series will explore secularism in Zimbabwe from an organizational perspectiveand some more.

Here we talk about project statuses and cultural updates.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Let’s talk more specifically about some ongoing events for 2020 in the Spring. What are some of the projects more fully developed or in progress?

Takudzwa Mazwienduna: The only projects so far have been efforts by members to raise awareness about secularism in national media and government platforms.

Jacobsen: What ones are the closest to completion?

Mazwienduna: It’s hard to determine what would signal the completion of these campaigns, but as long as there are Secular concerns, HSZ members are going to continue fighting the good fight.

Jacobsen: What ones, with some more time, appear as if they will take several years to unfold?

Mazwienduna: Some members like Shingai Ndoro and Miriam Tose Majome have secured weekly newspapers columns in the biggest national newspapers while other like Prosper Mtandadzi have started making animations on YouTube. These projects might go on for years.

Jacobsen: What are the current shortfalls in institutional resources for the Humanist Society of Zimbabwe?

Mazwienduna: The only limitation is financial resources. That has led to the main initiatives being mostly individual efforts because attempts to mobilize the whole society have been futile for financial reasons.

Jacobsen: On the same tack of the previous question, where are they not? In other words, where should people focus their efforts and not focus their efforts in supporting the Humanist Society of Zimbabwe?

Mazwienduna: People should focus on mobilizing the community because at the moment, it’s not easy keeping track of individual efforts that could be amplified if the community was mobilized.

Jacobsen: By the end of the Spring, what will, most certainly, have been completed since the beginning of the formalization of the Humanist Society of Zimbabwe?

Mazwienduna: There is no specific project that is expected to end any time soon.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Takudzwa.

Mazwienduna: It’s always a pleasure Scott.

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