Requesting suggestions for the 2020 Canadian Atheist Awards

by | January 6, 2020

It’s awards season, which means it’s time for the 3rd annual Canadian Atheist awards! These are the most prestigious awards given by Canadian Atheist… because they are the only awards given by Canadian Atheist. Suck it, Oscars.

[Canadian Atheist award statuette]
The imaginary award statuette

Okay, these awards are really only for fun. There are no actual prizes, no award money, and no statuettes. (The “statuette” in the image is just a 3D render I slapped together.) There is no ceremony, and no formal process of nomination or selecting the winners. It’s all just me, Indi, choosing the categories, nominees, and winners, based on my own preferences.

But even though it’s all just for fun, it’s still a great way to give recognition to some people who really deserve to be recognized. That’s why I ask for reader input. I would like to hear ideas for:

  • Award categories. The last two years we had three categories: Art, entertainment, or culture story, Story, and Person. This year, I think I’m going to drop the culture story category, and instead do a category for show or podcast of the year. But I would love to hear other suggestions. Silly and fun categories are very welcome, but no negative categories, please: There will be no “asshole of the year”, no matter how many deserving candidates there are.
  • Nominations. Nominations for any category, new or old, are welcome. Please explain why you think someone or something is a worthy nominee.
  • Votes. I will be the final word on nominees and winners, but I am very open to being swayed by votes, reasoned arguments, or bribes. (And I’m cheap to bribe, too!)

Also, I’d be happy to consider suggestions for other awards-related stuff, like maybe a lifetime achievement award to someone who’s done a lot of great stuff for secularism, humanism, atheism, and freethought in Canada, over a long period of time. Or maybe a memorial award to honour people who have passed during the year.

And anything else you want to offer would be welcome too! Got an idea for a better design for the award statuette (which, again, is totally imaginary, but I’ll try to make a half-decent render of it with Blender)? By all means, share it! (It’s too late to make a new award design this year, but we could certainly use it next year.)

You can make your suggestions, nominations, votes, and bribe offers in the comments, or via the contact form. You can also comment on social media to Canadian Atheist via Twitter (@CanAtheist), Facebook (Canadian Atheist). Keep in mind, though, that stuff you send via social media may not get noticed (we have a lot of social media accounts spread all over the place, and it’s hard to keep track of them all), so if you are really serious about your suggestion, you should send it to me directly at ( on OStatus (GNU Social, Mastodon, etc.), or @IndiInTheWired on Twitter). (Don’t bother trying to contact me on Facebook.)

Again, let me stress that this is all very informal, and for fun. There are no monetary or other prizes at stake, and, let’s be real, there’s really no prestige at stake – winning a Canadian Atheist award is not going to change anyone’s life. So let’s have some fun with it!

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