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Ask Mubarak 5 – African Freethought

by | November 5, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Mubarak Bala is the President of the Humanist Association of Nigeria. We will be conducting this educational series to learn more about humanism and secularism within Nigeria. Here we talk about African freethought. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What defines African freethought? Mubarak Bala: Africa, the cradle of homosapien species, and one of the earliest… Read more »

Interview with Cantor Dr. Jonathan Friedmann – Adat Chaverim – Community Leader & Education Director, Congregation for Humanistic Judaism, Los Angeles

by | November 5, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Cantor Dr. Jonathan Friedmann is the Community Leader of Adat Chaverim – Community Leader and the Education Director of the Congregation for Humanistic Judaism, Los Angeles. Here we talk about his life, work, and views. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was family life growing up, e.g., geography, culture, language, and religion or lack… Read more »

Doubts of the Famous

by | November 5, 2019

By James Haught James Haught is editor of West Virginia’s largest newspaper, The Charleston Gazette, and a senior editor of Free Inquiry. He is 87-years-old and would like to help secular causes more. This series is a way of giving back. — Many famous people have been skeptics, and weren’t afraid to say so.  Here’s part of my personal… Read more »