Press Release: Humanist Canada calls for the release of Pakistani Activist

by | September 3, 2019

*From early July but still relevant.*

TORONTO – July 1, 2019 – PRLog — Humanist Canada calls on the Government of Canada to request the Government of Pakistan to release human right campaigner, Gulalai Ismail. She has been charged with sedition following her campaign to have the rape and murder of a 10-year-old Pakistani girl investigated by Pakistani authorities. As a human rights campaigner, and defender of children’s rights, Ismail has been facing arrest over a peaceful protest.

“The intransigence of the Pakistani authorities means that Gulalai’s only hope is public pressure from the international community,” explained Humanist Canada President, Martin Frith. “The Canadian government voiced support for human rights in the past. We call on them now to act on those principles by publicly intervening in the case of Ismail with the appropriate Pakistani officials.”

Humanist Canada Vice-President, Dr. Lloyd Robertson, said Canadians should e-mail their support for Ismail to the Pakistan embassy in Ottawa at “The Pakistani authorities need to realize that the world is watching and will hold them accountable for what happens to this defender of one of humanity’s most fundamental freedoms, the freedom to speak out against injustice,” Robertson stated.

For the Humanist International release see:

Martin Frith (877) 486-2671
Lloyd Robertson (306) 425-9872

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