Ask Shingai 1 – Zimbabwean Non-Theism

by | August 10, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Interview with Shingai Rukwata Ndoro is the Interim Chairperson of the Humanist Society of Zimbabwe. We will explore the nature of theism and non-theism, and so on, in the context of Zimbabwe for this educational series. Here we talk about Zimbabwe and non-theism.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What are the brands of non-theism encountered by you?

Shingai Rukwata Ndoro:

1. Gnostic non-theism.
2. Agnostic non-theism.

Jacobsen: What are the demographics of religion and non-religion there?

Ndoro: There are no credible statistics available except those by the Christians to project a majoritarian representation of themselves. 

From an ordinary assessment, Christians are their majority.

Jacobsen: How tied to progressive politics are atheistic views?

Ndoro: We have tended to avoid politics among the community of non-theists because it has been one of the major divisive matters.

This is because we are split right in the middle between right and left ideas and between pro-government and anti-government sentiments.

Take note:

1. *Right*: more individual freedoms (steeped in European liberalism), pro-business and limited government involvement.

2. *Left*: less individual freedoms for collective rights (steeped in European conservatism), anti-business and expansive government involvement.

Jacobsen: How tied to conservative views are traditional religions and traditional Zimbabwean belief structures?

Ndoro: Very strongly tied. Conservative views are actually the default positions of most of those who are religious.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Mr. Ndoro.

Ndoro: As an addition, there are many non-theists whom we know within our community who are closet due to social exclusion and economic vulnerability.

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Image Credit: Shingai Rukwata Ndoro.

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