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Interview with Secular Community Member at Baylor University

by | August 29, 2019

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Here we talk with a secular community member of Baylor University. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Looking at the landscape of the secular university life at Baylor University, what is the secular/religious status of Baylor University – its foundation and founding culture as a university, and its development over time into the present? … Read more »

James Baldwin: Brilliant Skeptic

by | August 29, 2019

— By James Haught (Haught is editor of West Virginia’s largest newspaper, The Charleston Gazette, and a senior editor of Free Inquiry. This article first appeared in Free Inquiry, Fall 2000.) Here’s an interesting literary footnote: James Baldwin, arguably America’s greatest black writer, was a popular Pentecostal preacher in Harlem at age 14 — but at 17 he renounced… Read more »