Meet KASHA – the Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics & Humanists Association

by | July 17, 2019

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed we have a new organization added to our list of links. KASHA has been around for a couple years, and it’s addition to our links is long overdue.

[Logo of the Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics & Humanists Association]
Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics & Humanists Association

So who, or what, is KASHA? KASHA is the Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics & Humanists Association, a secular freethought organization based in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

What are they about? Well, let me quote from their statement of values and principles:

Values and Principles:

We value human diversity, science, critical thinking, secularism, and freedom of expression.

We value honesty, integrity, compassion, openness, and the search for common ground.

Statement of Purpose:

Mission statement: Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists Association is a non-partisan body that seeks to foster a local secular community guided by reason, science, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.

They are very active, and maintain an online calendar of events they host, with numerous and frequent social meetups and even the occasional presentation by an expert.

Finding a secular, humanist, atheist, or freethought organization that really stands up strongly for secular humanist values and is really active can be a challenge in most parts of Canada. But if you’re in Kelowna or the Okanagan, then you’re in luck: If you’re looking for an organization to join or even just a way to get more active in the secular, humanist, atheist, and freethought community, get in touch with KASHA – you won’t regret it.

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