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by | June 15, 2019

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

[A cartoon showing two men burying a body. In the second panel, a third man discovers them and says: “Ooo― Militia would string you up if they heard about this. But don’t worry― All you need is a pardon from God.”]
The militia strung them up anyway, but don’t worry, the militia all got pardons, too.
  • [] Canadians can now identify as gender “X” on their passports

    It’s finally official. You can choose to have your gender on official travel/citizenship/residency documents as “X” (rather than “M” or “F”). The change was promised a while back, but now it’s actually implemented. And for the next year, you can even get it changed for free!

  • [] “Cyril the Pardoner” by Doug Bayne & Trudy Cooper (Oglaf)

    Can God legally pardon himself?

  • [] Sask. to provide universal coverage for abortion pill Mifegymiso

    Last week Manitoba and Saskatchewan changed their policies, so now every province and territory in Canada provides universal coverage for the abortion pill. This comes as the US is charging hard the other way, introducing some of the most restrictive abortion laws in decades. The two prairie provinces were the last holdouts in Canada, but following evidence that free and easy access to the abortion pill didn’t actually lead to an increase in abortions – but rather just a move away from surgical abortions to the cheaper, safer pill – Manitoba finally relented. Embarrassed, Saskatchewan followed suit days later.

  • [] The Making of a YouTube Radical

    This is a fascinating long-form piece that really digs into the modern process of radicalization that has produced so many of the assholes we’re seeing now. The novelty here is that the reformed far righter turned over his entire YouTube history for review. As has been noted many times before, by me and many others, discussions of atheism were the gateway. (Note: It’s not clear whether this particular guy is atheist – or if it is, I missed it – but it was debates about the (non)existence of God that led him toward the nastier shit.)

  • [] Goop Pulls Beautycounter Products From 1st Canadian Location On Opening Weekend

    It took literally… one… day for Goop to fall afoul of Health Canada.

  • [] Don’t survey Yukoners about ‘conversion therapy,’ just ban it

    I just don’t get the reticence on the part of Canadian governments to ban conversion “therapy”. The fact that it has no scientific basis in any sense is indisputable. The harm it does is well documented. It’s fucking Pride month. This should be a slam dunk. What exactly are the cons of banning conversion “therapy”?

  • [] Quebec feminists denounce government consultations for Bill 21

    Despite the claims of proponents and the language of the bill itself, Bill 21 has – unsurprisingly – very little support from mainstream feminism. Yet supporters have still managed to cobble together a few minor or fringe groups to voice the “feminist argument in favour” of Bill 21. What we rarely hear, though, is what the mainstream groups think of that. Turns out, they’re rather annoyed not only at the fact that these piddly little groups are being placed across from them as if they’re on equal footing, but also at the way their voices are given far more weight by the government than those of the real feminists.

  • [] Montreal woman says STM bus driver didn’t stop for her because of her niqab

    Nothing brings out the bigots like Islam, and so many of them seem to have the attention span of fleas. Don’t be like those people: don’t just read the headline and assume you have the full story. This is not just a case of a bus driver failing to stop. That was just the beginning.

  • [] Human Rights Tribunal to hear AA case

    The BCHA has been following the case of Byron Wood for a few years now. Wood is the atheist nurse who had an addiction problem, and was forced into Alcoholics Anonymous… then lost his job when he couldn’t cope with the religiosity there. Finally it looks like there might actually be some justice here, as the case got the go-ahead for a hearing in front of the Human Rights Tribunal. This isn’t my field, so I don’t know for sure what the situation is outside of BC. But it sounds like this is a problem across Canada. If that’s true, Wood’s case could have an impact even outside of BC.

  • [] Bill 21 is a case of systemic racism

    This piece is really a position statement by the Concertation Table against systemic racism (TCRS). It shouldn’t surprise you that they’re not in favour of Bill 21. But what’s interesting is their point about how Bill 21 fails both ways – it targets religious minorities while enshrining Catholic traditions – and how that represents a double failure of secularism.

  • [] Is Anti-Abortion Movie ‘Unplanned’ Really Coming To 100s Of Theatres In Canada?

    What? The anti-abortion lobby is dishonest? I am shocked. Shocked, I tells ya. Okay, so here’s what happened. As was mentioned in a previous Update, theatres across Canada were not planning to screen the anti-abortion celluloid abortion Unplanned as a wide release. Immediately, and this should surprise no one, the anti-abortion folks screamed “censorship”. That was bullshit, of course – the film wasn’t banned in any sense… it’s just that theatres didn’t think it was worth the costs and hassle to screen the film in hundreds or thousands of theatres; nobody cared that much. They were always perfectly happy to screen it if someone was going to pay for it… they just weren’t going to put their money on the line risking empty theatres. So what changed this week? Well… well, actually, precisely nothing! All that happened was the theatre companies made statements explaining what I just did: the film wasn’t censored or banned in any sense, and never had been. That was enough to get the anti-abortion kooks to do a victory dance, because in their minds they “won”. (By getting the theatres to state the obvious? I dunno. I dunno how their minds work.) And the controversy did actually get some theatres interested! Precisely… 2. Well, 2 1⁄2… because a third theatre is considering it. So… gee, pro-abortion folks, I guess we lost that one? 🤷🏼

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