Losing Our Religion exposes the changing landscape of religion in North America

by | May 3, 2019

This post is a guest post by the Centre for Inquiry Canada (CFIC) Manitoba.

Come out to the first ever Centre For Inquiry Canada (CFIC) Manitoba event. A screening of the documentary film, Losing Our Religion, is being held at the Carol Shields Auditorium of the Millennium Library on Saturday, . The documentary explores the social, relational, and economic challenges faced by pastors across North America who no longer believe in a supernatural God, as well as the uprising of secular communities in unexpected areas.

[Poster for the 2019-05-18 CFIC Manitoba screening of Losing Our Religion.]

The film is created by a local production company called Zoot Pictures, Inc. Leslea Mair and Leif Kaldor, are the co- writers, producers, and directors of the film, and will be in attendance at the screening for a Q & A session following the presentation of the documentary.

Leslea Mair interviewed clergy and former clergy across North America, including the American Deep South. We were constantly surprised by their stories and their situations, said Mair. These are good people in a bad situation, struggling with their consciences and responsibilities. I feel honoured to have been trusted to help tell their stories.

The cost of admission is free. Those wanting to attend the event should sign-up through Meetup or register through Eventbrite. No ticket is necessary for entry to the event. All are welcome.

CFIC Manitoba is part of a national, volunteer-run educational charity with no political affiliations, and is entirely funded by donations. CFIC fosters secularism, scientific literacy, evidence-based decision-making, and humanism in the community and embraces critical thinking, scientific skepticism, freethought, and atheism.

CFIC Manitoba Branch Manager, Jocelyne Lemoine, is very enthused about this event: The documentary is unique as it delves into an under-explored yet increasingly relevant topic, and the event is a great opportunity for like-minded individuals in Winnipeg to come together.

More information about Losing Our Religion can be found on the documentary’s official website.

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