Asia Bibi, Husband, and Daughters Safe in Canada

by | May 19, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

According to Religion News, the case – known to several readers here – of Asia Bibi hit some of the news once more.

Some secular Canadians took intrigue at this case because of the reason for the charges against Bibi, who, according to those making the charge, had blasphemed or committed the (religious) crime of blasphemy.

Bibi is a Pakistani Christian who piqued the interest of some Canadian citizens, especially, in the current period, as she was en route to their (our) country on May 7, 2019.

The daughters of Bibi travelled to Canada in December of 2018, and Bibi and her husband, Ashiq Masih, stayed in Pakistan.

Last year, the blasphemy charges were overturned for Bibi, to the relief of the family and the secular Canadians who took note of the case.

A friend of the family of Bibi, Nadeem Bhatti, stated that the entire ordeal has taken a toll on Bibi.

Bhatti stated, “We had been told three or four times she was going to be leaving, but it never turned out.”

He – Bhatti – had difficulty believing the reportage about Bibi now. According to Bhatti, Bibi missed her daughters a lot and asked about “how they are doing, and feeling bad she wasn’t there to help them.”

The family of Bibi arrived in Canada, remains happy to be away from the concerns raised about wellbeing from the entrapment in Pakistan and the charges of blasphemy. The family’s locale is, at present, kept secret, but is reported to be inside of Canadian borders.

The reason for the secrecy is a modern one with digital media and other forms of advanced communications enabled by the wonders of the 21st century: death threats.

“This includes a threat from an Islamist extremist in Pakistan who called on Muslims in other countries to kill her when she was allowed to leave that country,” Religion News stated, “Bhatti, who has been advocating for Bibi’s release since 2011, expressed his ‘heartfelt thanks to the Canadian government officials who worked to bring her to Canada.’”

From the perspective of some, the arrival to Canada is answering a prayer and may help raise awareness about the issues faced by Christians in Pakistan and other countries.

With the case for Bibi starting in 2009 over a purported insult to “the Prophet Muhammad,” Bibi consistently stated innocence; however, she was sentenced to death way back in 2010 and remained in prison for 8 years until 2018, where “Pakistan’s Supreme Court overturned the conviction.”

With the acquittal to the charge of blasphemy or, more specifically, insulting the central religious figure in Islam, Bibi was free while, at the same time, fundamentalist religious groups and individuals issued death threats for her.

In Canada, Bibi will probably be safer and be able to continue life anew with her daughters and Masih.

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