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Interview with Omar Shakir – Israel and Palestine Director, Human Rights Watch (Middle East and North Africa Division)

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Omar Shakir is the Israel and Palestine Director for Human Rights Watch (Middle East and North Africa Division). Here we talk about Israel, Palestine, human rights, international law, and more. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Let’s start from a general overview. What are the basic facts in the modern context with regards to the… Read more »

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Interview with Izzy Posen – President, Bristol Free Speech Society (University of Bristol)

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Izzy Posen grew up in an Ultra Orthodox community in Stamford Hill. He attended numerous Charedi yeshivas. He left the communities. Now, he is a Jewish educator in the wider Jewish community while continuing university studies. He is the President of the Bristol Free Speech Society at the University of Bristol. Here… Read more »

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Religious accessories bans are wrong: Coercive power

by | May 6, 2019

It’s been a long series, but I think I’ve debunked every argument made for religious accessories bans, and shown the very idea to be absurd, anti-secular, and offensive to human rights. There’s only thing left to discuss: the idea of limiting religious accessories bans to people in positions of coercive power.

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