Interview with Abderrahmane M’hiri – Ex-Muslim

by | April 2, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Abderrahmane M’hiri is an ex-Muslim. Here we talk about his journey, in brief.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you grow up?

Abderrahmane M’hiri: I have grown up in a Muslim country and society in a Muslim family.

Jacobsen: What was upbringing for you?

M’hiri: I began to question since a young age “about 13-years-old.”

Jacobsen: When did you begin to question Islam?

M’hiri: The first reason for me to leave Islam was the tremendous amount of violence and bloodthirst. The way the Quran treats the female gender. And then the scientific and historical mistakes that the Quran is crowded with.

Jacobsen: What reason or reasons lead to leaving Islam?

M’hiri: The outcome was very devastating and the struggle started from there. I was taken by the police from the high school after one of the students told his family I was questioning God and his mother immediately informed the school supervisor.

Jacobsen: In terms of the outcomes, how did family, friends, and community, even strangers, react to you?

M’hiri: Friends were mostly aggressive and in some cases it ended with violence. And 2 years ago, I had faced a major aggression from a group of muslim extremist which resulted in my arm being broken.

Jacobsen: What are you trying to do now?

M’hiri: Now, I am trying to seek asylum in Denmark, so I can at least breathe peacefully.

Jacobsen: How can people help?

M’hiri: Any help to bring the story to the media in my case will be very important and I hope I can get the asylum here.

Jacobsen: How can newer or other ex-Muslims find their way, too?

M’hiri: All ex-Muslims in my opinion should work together and unite so we can always make sure we can help one another.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Abderrahmane.

M’hiri: Thank you.

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