Interview with Administrator of “Ex-Muslims of India”

by | April 17, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Here we talk with the Administrator of “Ex-Muslims of India.”

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: For those leaving Islam in India, what are the main difficulties for them?

Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: Well, to be honest, the main difficulties be it Muslims in India or Muslims elsewhere is the belief system that has been shoved down their brains, Islam or religion, in general, isn’t just a thought process, what can be eliminated with a different thought.

They are indoctrinated by this set of beliefs and ideologies, that are hard or nearly impossible to shackle themselves out of it. So, all their life, right from the beginning; they grew up with this doctrine of Islam, by parents, society or whatever.

They lived their whole life in this rainbow bubble of Islam being the most peaceful and feminist religion and happy secular religion.

Problem isn’t the doctrine, they themselves are the problem to them, what I’ve experienced from Indian Muslims in general is: they aren’t eager to know more about their religion; they never step out of that bubble to explore their or any other religion; they are happy being brainwashed by the set of beliefs their parents shoved down on them.

Most of them have no idea about the reality of Islam. They have no idea of how many books of hadith they have. Whenever they try to step out of this bubble, their whole life shatters right beside them, and they couldn’t survive it; and the only option they have is to return back to that very bubble their parents created around them, and their parents along with them too, live life in such a bubble.

Yes, so whenever someone tries to break through it, he’s ridiculed, backlashed, abandoned, or disowned by their parents. Children in India aren’t given that freedom after their 18th birthday where they can go and thrillingly live their life accordingly as it happens in Canada, the US, or Europe.

They are meant to grow out with their parents until their parents die, so in a culture like this where they literally can’t survive alone out, getting disowned by their parents is like a death to them, so in fear of this most of them being rational and logical don’t take the step and leave religion, they just go on with it their whole life.

Jacobsen: What are the forms of support that ex-Muslims in India need most now?

Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: The form of support ex-Muslims in India need is freedom of speech, to talk about their former religion without the fear of death or lynching.

A platform where they can come up with their thoughts and ideas to eliminate the dangers of religion. My idea of getting this page was for this sole reason, so more of Muslims come out for help to us and so we can be a help to them.

Jacobsen: Who are important Indian secular voices and ex-Muslim voices?

Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: I don’t think so. There aren’t many secular voices that openly criticize the idea of religion; India calling themselves the most secular and democratic country still is bonded by the dogma of religion, be it Islam or Hinduism, voicing themselves out here is still a danger to their lives, fewer people open up about their voices and they are backlashed by the media and the society as a whole.

Ex-Muslim voices? I don’t think so, there isn’t any, whoever tried to were either killed or flew to another country for a safer place to live.

Jacobsen: What support and community does the online world provide for ex-Muslim Indians?

Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: Well, to be honest as of now, I don’t think so; it did not do any good for them or maybe they never tried to get the support from them since they still fear of exposing themselves out. But I do hope, if someone comes out in need of help, the online world doesn’t fail him/her.

Jacobsen: How can ex-Muslim Indians self-empower?

By learning more of the ridiculousness of their religion and counter them as a whole to whoever he can and try to break the cycle of being the parent-child, get out of it and live a life as their own. Yes, it will be hard, but it will only be better for them on a bigger level.

Jacobsen: How can others help to undermine religious fundamentalism at its roots in India alongside Indian ex-Muslims?

Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: A moral support I believe would be enough, because that’s the only thing India ex-Muslims lack as of now. There are none to stand beside them to undermine religions. We personally need that moral hand support.

Jacobsen: Any recommended organizations or authors?

Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: Nope, I couldn’t come across any that would be a bit of help to us or ex-muslims I know of.

Jacobsen: Any final feelings or thoughts in conclusion?

Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: I agree, it’s hard to us to leave a religion, we are taught from the start, we grew up in religion more than we grew up in enjoyment.

We were forced down religion from the very start of our life, getting out of it is hard, but worth every sweat, pain, and blood. Once you’re out, you’ll know the feeling of being a free bird, life in a blue sky and not a cage.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time.

Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: Thank you!

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