Interview with Administrator of “Ex-Muslims India”

by | April 12, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Here we talk with the Administrator of “Ex-Muslims India.”

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was early life like for you, e.g., geography, culture, language, religion or lack thereof, education, and family structure and dynamics?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”:  I was born in a traditional Indian Muslim family. My grandparents were Qawwals (Sufi Islamic singers). I was brought up by them.

My family is not so practicing. But my grandparents were strict adherents of Islam. I had their influence in my childhood. And I used to perform plays of Hindu religion in their temples when I was a child.

Since I had so many Hindu friends, I had a good touch even with Hindu culture. I knew a bit of Christianity when I was a child, as we rented a portion of our house for a church.

My belief has gone through different stages. I’ve explained in detail in this article.

Jacobsen: What levels of formal education have been part of life for you? How have you informally self-educated?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: I’m an engineering graduate. And I was taught reading Arabic by elders. 

Jacobsen: As an Administrator for “Ex-Muslims India,” what tasks and responsibilities come with the position?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: I feel responsible towards provoking thoughts among masses. People are just believing things blindly, where a thorough examination of the scripture which they believe, can prove that their belief was wrong. 

Jacobsen: What are the unique concerns of ex-Muslims in an Indian context? What are concerns that are the same as ex-Muslims around the world?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: Yes, it is almost the same. But since we’re in India, it might be a bit safer than a few Islamic countries. But still, there can be a threat. I was threatened by people for being an Ex-Muslim.

Jacobsen: Does the sex and gender of the ex-Muslim factor into considerations of safety and precautions?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: Yes. Even though the discrimination is common, it’s intense towards women, as women are treated like properties in Islamic ideology

Jacobsen: For those ex-Muslims who want asylum and don’t know how to do it, how can they do it? What should they keep in mind about it?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: I can’t answer this question. It’s more related to law. As the law is specific to the country, I feel lawyers of the country where they want asylum are the right people to answer this question.

Jacobsen: Who have been important allies in the work of “Ex-Muslims India”?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: There are a few local organizations, which helped me to participate in discussions with Muslims, in my area. Like Satyanveshana Mandali, but coming to my online presence, it is being managed by only me.

Jacobsen: What are the more heartwarming and tragic stories that you’ve coming across with ex-Muslims in India?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: I got messages from Indian ex-Muslims, Pakistanis, and Arab ex-Muslims. Especially Arabs, they always have to live in fear when they leave Islam.

I even knew a few Pakistani’s who don’t want to share their details for their safety. I knew an Indian girl who was afraid of her own family after leaving Islam.

Jacobsen: How can people become involved through the donation of time, the addition of membership, links to professional and personal networks, giving monetarily, exposure in interviews or writing articles, and so on?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: It definitely helps people to be involved more in the activity. Since we are a micro-minority, we are the people who really need support from others. Having a sense of community definitely helps us to feel more secure.

Jacobsen: Any final feelings or thoughts based on the conversation today?

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: It’s an engaging conversation. Glad to be a part of this talk.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time.

Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”: You’re always welcome.

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