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by | February 5, 2019

Paula Simons was recently nominated for Canadian Atheist person of the year, but a few people mentioned that they weren’t familiar with her work. So I thought it would be nice to point readers to this interview that helps gives some insight into who she is.

[Photo of Paula Simons]
Paula Simons

If you hadn’t heard much about Paula Simons before she was nominated for the award, that’s entirely understandable; before her appointment to the Senate, she was mostly an Edmonton phenomenon. I’m in the GTA of Ontario, so it’s a miracle I’ve even heard that Edmonton exists. Even so, I’ve ended up reading her work several times, starting with the award-winning “Fatal Care” story, but I’ve even read her column a few times, because it was so entertaining.

I knew this interview was coming before the awards announcement, possibly even before the nomination, and I was hoping it would come out in time to mention it in the write-up about her. Alas, it missed the mark by just under a week, but it’s out now.

CANADALAND’s schtick is media criticism, so the focus of the interview is mostly about journalists going into politics rather than her humanist beliefs. Still, it’s a good way to get to know her a bit better. And you’ll get some insight into why her very brief tenure in the Senate is already making waves.

The show is episode #236 of CANADALAND, “The Loudmouth Senator”. Check it out!

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