Interview with Perry Jacobs – Administrator, “AtheistHuman”

by | January 2, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Perry Jacobs is the Administrator of “AtheistHuman” & Atheists World Wide, and formerly ran the podcast “All Atheists Have A Voice.” Here we talk about Perry’s work and views.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: When it comes to religion in personal and family life, was it a factor growing up? If so, how? If not, why not?

Perry Jacobs: I’m going to answer these questions piecemeal: Reader’s Digest version: I was raised Jewish, learned Hebrew and studied the Old Testament as required. I later became a “born again Christian”.

I studied the Old and New Testament with the leader of our church. I have studied eastern religions. I tried to remain a believer but I just couldn’t square the evil in both Testaments or the world with my conscious.

I’ve really been agnostic through it all until I had the epiphany through learning scientific truths, that there was no god and scientifically there is no need for any god to explain the universe or our existence. I’m known as AtheistHuman on Facebook and Twitter.

Jacobsen: What are some concerning aspects of religion in the electronic era?

Jacobs: I don’t have any concerns associated with mass media because it may actually help skeptics more than believers. Education is the greatest enemy of faith-based belief systems.

Jacobsen: Why found/administrate AtheistHuman? What was the inspiration for its title and founding?

Jacobs: I created AtheistHuman for two reasons. 1. When I posted on my personal FB page my wife got terrible blowback for my posts. She is a very low key atheist and her family, most friends don’t know it and are very judgmental. So I created an alias. I post political stuff under an alias as well (Another Hardened Liberal) on FB and Twitter.

The second reason is because I, like so many of our brothers and sisters, am tired of the judgemental, and in many ways criminal double standards persecuting non-believers for not assimilating and the persistent drumbeat of theists imposing their mythical whining upon the rest of us.

They have every right to their beliefs as we do. That being said, requiring others to believe that same way for acceptability is unacceptable.

Jacobsen: How is an online atheist community important for those with little access to local groups or community?

Jacobs: The online community is of all importance to literally hundreds of thousands of atheists as they may be marginalized and/or shunned or killed for their personal beliefs.

Many, as I once did, feel lost or alone. Community, a feeling of belonging, is all important. Many theists turn to religions mainly for the fellowship and support. There are power and safety in numbers.

Jacobsen: How can humor and laughter at the sacred provide some catharsis for the atheist community and individuals who are atheists?

Jacobs: I think that it’s natural to ridicule things we find worthy of that ridicule. Humor also brings like-minded people closer and is a catharsis. Help sidestep the pain associated with the damage associated with theism.

Jacobsen: What are the main reactions to the group? What are some tasks and responsibilities involved with running the page?

Jacobs: I’ve been very fortunate to have found a niche forming a like-minded community and working with those that are new, on the fence or just not sure what they are. On Twitter, I’ve got about 23k followers.

There are many followers that help police the trolls. We are very diverse from all over the globe and different political views and varied personal beliefs. It’s been awesome. I focus strictly on atheism. I’ll debate when seriously approached.

Jacobsen: Any pivotal or interesting moments in the story of the Facebook page?

Jacobs: I manage AtheistHuman myself. I used to have a podcast, “All Atheists Have A Voice” interviewing everyday atheists about how they came to atheism and what issues they encountered in doing so. We took call-ins for the interviewee to answer.

I pay for everything myself and that got to be a strain. I’ve often thought of trying to get financial support but have shied away from that. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.

Furthering atheism and revealing the insanity of religious faith has to be the focus. That’s why I started Another Hardened Liberal; to keep the message focused.

Jacobsen: Any final thought or feelings in conclusion?

Jacobs: My twitter feed grew with much work and maintenance over a few years with the help of an app but my FB page stalled out until I posted a meme that went viral with over 2,500 likes and over 4 1/2 million views.

I picked up 9k followers off that meme alone. I also have a partnership with Atheists World Wide and I’m an administrator on that as well. I cross-post the memes that get the most shares. Shares are how you grow a site. I try to help/partnership with other atheist communities. We help each other.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Perry.

Jacobs: I’ve found this journey very rewarding and very frustrating at the same time. That being said I am dedicated to helping those that need a voice or are searching for like-minded brothers and sisters.

Thanks for the opportunity to answer your questions and thanks for what you do for the atheist community my friend.

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One thought on “Interview with Perry Jacobs – Administrator, “AtheistHuman”

  1. Tim Underwood

    “I’ve found this journey very rewarding and very frustrating”

    Since me and my wife are elderly we spent New Year’s Eve with mostly relatives. The only frustrating argument involved cousins who were completely convinced that scientist were somehow accumulating great wealth by promulgating ‘global warming conspiracies’. One of the advocates for this is a born again follower of that screwy Discovery Institute but the other was a more recent atheist but a lifelong ‘talk radio’ listener.

    I said to both of them, “you mean to imply that scientist have nothing better to do than make up big lies about the climate?”

    Their answer was, “yes, these scientist have to get grants to do their research so they want to scare the public into sponsoring their work!”

    You know how hateful religious people feel when you ridicule their blood magic fables? I know how they feel. I feel this way because I’m convinced science is the way to truth. Religious nuts feel this way because they believe that accepting Jesus into their imagination will provide them with a Holy Spirit that will lead them to the truth. Ridiculous!

    There are many purveyors of absolutely ridiculous ideas from the United States, besides their clown leader Donald. This is their indigenous, free enterprise, bull shit, national industry. Maybe Canada should spend some money on protecting our citizens from cross boarder, absolute nonsense contamination.

    The provincial government is responsible for our education system. I think in needs some oversite.


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