Indi’s alternative holiday playlist – 2018 – Summary

by | December 24, 2018

2018’s alternative playlist had the most new songs of any playlist ever, including the original one (where every song was new).

Indi’s alternative holiday playlist 2018:


🍁 = Canadian
= New this year

Virtually all of the new songs were indie rock, because that’s what people pointed me to: indie compilation albums. But there were a couple of interesting exceptions, particularly songs from the soundtracks of holiday specials. We had an interesting cover of “Walking in the Air”, from the Oscar-nominated BBC special The Snowman. But we had also had some classic Canadiana: two songs from the 1980 CBC special The Christmas Raccoons.

Here’s the 2018 list:

You can click on the links above one-by-one to listen to the songs, or go back through the list and see the embedded videos. But another, perhaps easier option is to use one of the downloadable playlists.

Depending on your setup, you might just be able to click one of the following links and this year’s playlist will start playing in your favourite media player. If that doesn’t work, try right-clicking on the links and choosing “save as” to download the list, then double-clicking the downloaded file or opening it in your media player. Both files are the same list, just in different formats, so try one, and if that doesn’t work, try the other.

Download playlist file:

NOTE: Those playlist files do not include the songs themselves. The playlist files are just lists of links to the songs on the Internet (for example, YouTube). That’s why the playlist files are so small – just a dozen or two kilobytes when a single song runs into the megabytes. But it means that the playlist files won’t work unless you are connected to the Internet. It also means that if the site the song is on is down, or if the song has been removed or the site simply won’t let it play, the song won’t play.

If you have any problems getting the playlist files to work, just leave a comment, and I’ll try to help you out.

Well, that’s it for Indi’s alternative holiday playlist until next year. But, as always, if you have any suggestions that you’d like to see featured on a future list, leave a note in the comments.

See you next year!

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