Chat with Bentley Davis – Founder, Reasonscore

by | September 11, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you get involved in the Pro-Truth Pledge?

Bentley Davis: I was working on how to help people agree more and found the Intentional Insights Facebook page where they discussed the psychology of disagreements. I started volunteering and when as a group we came up with the Pro-Truth Pledge. I was excited because a shared pledge can increase the chances of agreement.

Jacobsen: What is its value to the work that you do?

Davis: If we can find more agreement we will spend less time working against each other and more time working together. Even a small increase is agreements can unlock substantial human resources to make a better world.

Jacobsen: What inspired the foundation of

Davis: Two of my friends unfriended each other over an online disagreement. I knew the topic would come up as we hung out so I tried doing some research. Everywhere I went I got an opposing viewpoint that sounded plausible. It would take forever to come to a conclusion. There has to be a better way.

Jacobsen: What does the app do? How does it work?
Davis: We are just experimenting right now. People can search for a topic and find all the pros and cons organized and scored. They can dig deeper to learn the reasons for the scores. They can share them with their friends to ease disputes. They can add any missing pros or cons to make sure all information on the topic is available and scored. They can also add their own topics claims and share them. They can also have a constructive debate using the tool.
Jacobsen: How can others get it, build on it, and collaborate with you?
Davis: Right now the best way is to schedule a demo and spend some time giving live feedback on the tool. They can schedule time with me at
All the code is available at I welcome feedback and submissions.
I am also working with a larger group at
Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Bentley.

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