Notice to Liberapay backers

by | July 18, 2018

If you have been supporting Canadian Atheist via Liberapay, you may have gotten an email from them about some issues they’re having with their payment processor.

The short story is that Liberapay is a victim of their own success, having grown too much too fast. Whether that’s why their payment processor broke the contract is anyone’s guess though; they’re not explaining why. You can check out Liberapay’s blog for details.

What does this mean for CA backers using Liberapay? Well, you will lose any money in your wallet if you don’t act before , so do something before then. That’s just a week away, so don’t dally! Go to the emptying your wallet page for your options.

Other than that… nothing really changes. Liberapay is going to arrange a new payment processor (discussion is ongoing as I write this), and things will probably be up and running again in a couple weeks. CA probably won’t notice any change (other than the proposed changes to payment schedules mentioned in the blog post).

What does this mean for CA backers using something other than Liberapay? Nothing. We don’t have any Patreon supporters (I should really get off my ass and promote our Patreon), but if we did, none of this would affect them. Same for people providing support via other means.

What does this mean for the future? Well, if you’re thinking of supporting CA via Liberapay, wait a bit until they sort things out – I’ll post an update here when things are running again. Otherwise, you could use our Patreon – why not earn a place in Canadian atheist history and become our first Patreon supporter? (There! I’m promoting our Patreon! 😁) See the support section of the meta site for more information about supporting Canadian Atheist.

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