The Danger of India for Women and the Implementation of Women’s Rights

by | July 4, 2018


By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

According to CNN, India has become, or maybe remains, the single most dangerous nation on the face of the Earth for women.

This is based on a survey reported on by relevant experts. The Thomson Reuters Foundation produced a survey of 550 experts on women’s issues, which found India as the most dangerous for women in a number of particular areas.

For one, the sexual violence domains, where women are the vast majority of the victims around the world. Another area is in human trafficking for sexual slavery. That is mostly women and girls too.

The other areas are for domestic work, forced labor, and then forced marriage. Each disproportionately women and girls who tend not to have any or if they do few rights in the international scene.

There were other areas in the research domains. One was the look into the dangers for women regarding the cultural traditions that impact women in a negative way and, of course, disproportionately.

There were a number of unique, almost, to women areas including acid attacks against them, female genital mutilation, infibulation, clitoridectomy, child marriage and then physical abuse.

These are the contexts for women and girls, which are, for the most part completely different than the concerns for the men and boys in the world and in particular in India, which is one of the most populous nations in the entire world.

Thus, the concern is amplified based on the number of women in the country being subjected to these brutal, harsh, and unjust conditions. It moved up from fourth to first place in terms of danger for women regarding the comparison between the survey from seven years ago.

Nine of the ten countries with the worst conditions for women were in Asia and the Middle East and Africa. Interestingly, number ten in the world was the United States of America coming in at 10th place.

It is the only country from the West where this is the case. The Thomson Reuters Foundation claimed this was the reason for being a catalyst country for the #MeToo movement.

The top ten countries are as follows:

1. India

2. Afghanistan

3. Syria

4. Somalia

5. Saudi Arabia

6. Pakistan

7. Democratic Republic of Congo

8. Yemen

9. Nigeria

10. United States

Original publication in Humanist Voices.

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