Interview with Carline Klijnman – Editor-in-Chief, Topical Magazine

by | June 22, 2018

Image Credit: Carline Klijnman.

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Carline Klijnman is the Editor-in-Chief of the upcoming Topical Magazine. Here we talk about personal and professional background and the publication. 

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have been involved in journalistic and writing work. What is your story regarding topics of interest and building the relevant interests and skills in journalism and writing?

Carline Klijnman: The key to building relevant interests is keeping abreast of trending topics and ensuring that relevant interpretations are afforded to them. I have always found articles more riveting when a writer is willing to think outside of the box. Indeed, I think that there are too many run-off-the-mill analyses when it comes to exploring prevailing issues in, say, politics. Conversely, and worryingly, unconventional analyses are more often than not typically exclusive to academic circles. This must be changed. I think it’s important that one of the things we do is look beyond the tralatitious circles of discourse and look to, for example, academia. I would say If there’s an article that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it yourself. As for skills in journalism, I have looked to many of my colleagues for advice while learning the necessary skills myself when possible. It’s been a lengthy learning process, and at times very piecemeal, especially when aiming to create articles that are one-of-a-kind.

Jacobsen: You are starting a new project, Topical Magazine. What inspired the name and topics to cover in the magazine?

Klijnman: The name of the magazine was floated by my colleague and founder of the magazine, Benjamin David, who rightly noted that we needed a name that is reflective of the kind of articles we publish. After all, the magazine only publishes pieces that are gripping and are, as our name suggests, topical.
Topical’s talented writers, many being academics, address contemporary themes with a philosophical perspective. Areas covered include culture, lifestyle, science and technology. We decided on this purview given their popularity in most demographics. We want to offer something for everyone. Pieces are fresh, thought-provoking and fundamental to understanding an increasingly changing world.

Jacobsen: Who is the intended audience?

Klijnman: I believe we offer something for everyone. That includes more well-read people and those who only read occasionally. Many publications are incredibly niche in terms of their readership – underpinned by a political or philosophical commitment. Topical Magazine works hard to be as inclusive as possible.

Jacobsen: What kind of articles will be featured on the site when the magazine goes live?

Klijnman: We have some very inviting articles on our site that will appeal to many people. For example, we have a piece on romance that is willing to argue that we need to do away with romantic ideals if we are to delight in the best of relationships while disposing of the oppressive and delusional. We also have exciting pieces on ways in which science can boost our creativity and how technology will transform us all by 2030.

Jacobsen: How can people become involved with the contributions side with editing or writing?

Klijnman: We are always looking to having people join our budding team, especially new writers. We are looking for people who care about science, culture, technology and lifestyle and have what it takes to offer new perspectives in accessible ways. We encourage prospective contributors and editors to contact us via our website here.

Jacobsen: Any final thoughts or feelings in conclusion?

Klijnman: We know readers have become suspicious of the media, and rightly so. Too many platforms have shown themselves short-sighted, failing to deliver the stories you need in the right way.

Topical Magazine aims to give our readers balance and objectivity. We make sure what you read is well-researched, far-sighted and free of subterfuge. Ensuring we have a rigorous vetting procedure, I am convinced our writers are second to none. Moreover, In the coming year Topical will be a game changer. Seminal discussions, such as those in religion and politics, will broaden with unique analyses, and our vision and hard work guarantees our team and areas of focus continue expanding.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Carline. 

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Image Credit: Carline Klijnman.

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