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by | April 28, 2018

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

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Raif Badawi

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  1. Jim Atherton

    •[26-Apr-2018] The misogynist ideology behind Toronto’s incel terror attack must be confronted

    I wonder how many other people besides myself were able to discover from the news a simple fact about the man accused of the Toronto van attack. How many people are aware that he is autistic and attended special classes in school growing up where he was known for his violent behaviour.

    1. Indi Post author

      I doubt there’s any effort to hide these facts; it’s probably more a matter of no one’s interested.

      That he had a violent history is hardly news; every mass murderer has a violent history – barring a catastrophic mental breakdown, you don’t just wake up one morning and go out to murder a dozen people after a lifetime of hugging babies and kissing puppies. Usually the only time a mass murderer’s violent history is “news” is when their attack is politically/religiously motivated, and then it turns out they were also abusive toward the women in their life – which has nothing to do with politics/religion, and indicates they were just violent bastards. But in this case, the entire attack itself was about being violent toward women, so any history of abuse toward women would be… kinda superfluous.

      The fact that he is on the autism spectrum is irrelevant; last I heard there was no science showing any connection between autism and violence.

      If anyone’s interested, Arshy Mann expands a lot on his piece in this Canadaland interview.

      1. Ian Bushfield

        The Conversation recently posted a good piece summarizing the state of the science around linking autism and violence: “The straightforward and scientifically supported answer to the question is unequivocally that no, individuals with ASD are not prone to violence any more than any other individual in society.”

      2. Jim Atherton

        Sometimes I think a little common sense is worth a lot more than a mile high stack of university degrees. I don’t know if you are familiar with the saying “don’t let your children play on the freeway”. What it means is that if your send your children on their tricycles out to play on the freeway you aren’t doing yourself or those using the freeway any favours.

        I don’t know if there is or ever was a ‘clinical’ diagnosis of this individual but obviously he had to have a driver’s license to rent the van he used. I believe the public space should be for those who have a reasonable chance of using it properly, some other space should be reserved for those who don’t.


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