Introducing: Canadian Atheist meta

by | April 4, 2018

Canadian Atheist is Canada’s top source of information about Canadian atheism. But what is the top source of information about Canadian Atheist?

CA gets a lot of user mail asking questions, and a lot of those questions are about CA itself. They are questions about our policies, about how one can help out the site, about whether we allow advertising and if some company can advertise on CA, and lots more.

I considered answering these questions as they came in via regular posts (like this one), but I realized that would quickly lead to a problem. A lot of these questions come in regularly, so I would be pointing people to the same posts over and over. If the posts just got mixed in with the shuffle with the general content, it would grow increasingly hard to track them down. Also, it would be hard for readers to figure out whether an older policy post is still valid, or whether a more recent one had superseded it.

So I considered using “pages” for info about policy and other answers to frequently asked questions. That seemed like a better idea. The only problem is that we get so many questions on so many topics that we’d end up with either a huge number of pages, or pages that are huge with long, long lists of FAQs.

Given the large amount of information involved, and the fact that it’s not really for our general readership but rather information about CA, I decided a better place to put all this stuff was on a separate site.

Thus: Canadian Atheist meta; not actually Canadian Atheist… but about Canadian Atheist.

[Canadian Atheist meta title image.]

Canadian Atheist meta

You don’t really need to go read Canadian Atheist meta. It’s there as a resource if you have questions about Canadian Atheist, but for most people it will be pretty superfluous. It’s just something I can point people to when someone asks one of those frequently asked questions. It will probably grow as more FAQ-answering information gets added. (In fact, a section specifically for FAQs will be added soon!)

I hope you find the information there useful when you need it!

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