Don’t forget: Gods is free to watch until

by | April 23, 2018

Just a reminder that Gustavo Coletti’s film Gods (Dioses) is available for all Canadian Atheist readers to watch for free until !

[Poster for Gustavo Coletti's film "Gods".]

Gustavo Coletti’s Gods

I finally got around to watching it myself, and I was quite surprised. It wasn’t what I had expected it to be about – it was not actually about gods (well, it was and it wasn’t). It was at parts insightful, witty, and farcical… and it was gleefully blasphemous, but surprisingly, not in a mean-spirited way. This may sound amazing, but God was so complex and well-written (and well-acted) that I found myself sympathizing with him by the end of the film.

I’m no film reviewer, but I wrote my impressions of the film on my blog. I’d suggest watching the film itself first, though. It’s well worth it.

It’s a film that I would recommend for screening by atheist groups, because it’s not only enjoyable, it covers quite a lot of ground that could make for fascinating discussion.

Mind you, you shouldn’t juts take my word for it. The film has received honours at multiple film festivals for its writing, acting, and direction. It’s thought-provoking and highly critical of religion, but it really doesn’t take itself too seriously, and ends up being a wonderfully satirical farce.

Here’s the trailer if you’re curious:


Again, the film is free for Canadian Atheist readers to watch until – just contact us by any means, and one of our people will tell you how to access it. All Gustavo Coletti has asked in return is that we give him some feedback about the film.

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