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In Conversation with Professor Robert Jensen on Patriarchy, Pornography, and Radical Feminism

by | March 26, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Dr. Robert Jensen is a Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He specializes in media, law, and politics. Here we talk about his background and views, especially around patriarchy, pornography, and radical feminism. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was family background regarding geography, culture, language, and religion or lack thereof? Robert… Read more »

Suzanna Mason on the Anglican Faith, Politics, and Natural Philosophy

by | March 26, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen The Anglican Faith Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is the modern Anglican faith? What does it mean to you? Suzanna Mason: The origins of Anglicanism start with a Catholic named Henry VIII, who was the King of England. He was famous for having lots and lots of wives. He managed to have lots and… Read more »