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Public Intellectual and Philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein 

by | March 17, 2018

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Professor Rebecca Newberger Goldstein is a novelist, philosopher, public intellectual, and visiting Professor of Philosophy and English at New York University and Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the New College of the Humanities. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is your family story? Rebeccer Newberger Goldstein: I was brought up in an Orthodox Jewish… Read more »

An Interview with Chris Worfolk — Founder, Leeds Atheist Society

by | March 17, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Was there a family background in humanism? Chris Worfolk: No, my family are open-minded but rational people. So there wasn’t much in the way of religion or belief in our household. My parents just get on with life. Jacobsen: How did you come to find humanism, or a humanist community?… Read more »

Weekly Update: to

by | March 17, 2018

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 10-Mar-2018 to 16-Mar-2018.