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by | February 24, 2018

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

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Next week is Freedom to Read Week.

Actually, this week is more of a mini-update, thanks to a perfect storm of technical issues, computer breakdowns, and day-long power outages. But on the bright side, while that makes for a shitty update, a major technical issue that’s been quietly plaguing the site for a couple months now has finally been fixed. That was the last major stumbling block before rolling out some big new features, so watch out for those in the coming weeks! (Maybe after a little break for me from the technical stuff.)

  • [] The Enlightenment of Steven Pinker

    This article is nominally a review of Steven Pinker’s new book Enlightenment Now. But it’s much more interesting as a review of the Enlightenment itself. Turns out that our favourite Enlightenment thinkers weren’t really as hip to the idea of reason as we often describe them.

  • [] Lawsuit over sex abuse insurance could have consequences for future cases, experts say

    In a battle between churches and insurance companies, who to cheer for? Well, in this case there might actually be an answer. This lawsuit is basically an insurance company refusing to pay out rape settlements to cover Catholic sex abuse cases, and the Church suing them because that’s exactly the insurance they signed up for. The catch is that the insurance company’s defence is that the Church knew about the abuse before they got the policy… which would make the whole policy null and void. But it goes much further than that. Because if the insurance company wins in this case, well, there have been multiple millions of dollars in settlements paid out across Canada, and there may be several insurance companies entitled to get their payouts back under the same logic. Catholic dioceses across Canada already claim to be nearly broke. This case, if the insurance company wins, could be the last straw.

  • [] Lawrence Krauss Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations from Multiple Women

    Lawrence Krauss has become the latest big name associated with atheism to be levied with credible allegations of sexual misconduct.

Upcoming items

  • [] Freedom to Read Week

    Next week is Freedom to Read Week, which celebrates freedom of information in Canada.

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