Justice, Fairness, Compassion and the Criminal Justice System of Canada

by | December 15, 2017


By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Something of note: the Canadian Criminal Justice System opened for suggested reforms, “The Government of Canada is undertaking a broad review of Canada’s Criminal Justice System to ensure that it is just, compassionate and fair, and promotes a safe, peaceful and prosperous Canadian society” (Government of Canada, 2017).

It feels like a good opportunity for a Christmas present to the country from citizens. Five topic areas in the call for recommendations for the changes to it: victims’ experience, Indigenous over-representation, mental health and addictions, restorative justice, and court delays.

For means of involvement, the government set the number at four. An Online Choicebook, online discussions, Twitter townhalls, and email submissions for those with an interest in it. As a public consultation process for those with an interest in the possibility for slight reduction in long-term suffering of some citizens, here’s a chance, deadline: January 15, 2017.

One month.


Government of Canada. (2017, July 19). Justice Transformation. Retrieved from https://www.tcjs-tsjp.ca/en/?utm_source=paidtweet1EN&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=tcjs.

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