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by | November 27, 2017


By Scott Douglas Jacobsen 

Members of The Clergy Project were featured in the documentary film called Losing Our Religion. It was shown October 13th and 14th at the Carlton Theatre in downtown Toronto. The documentary was made by Leslea Mair and Leif Kaldor, who come from Zoot Pictures.

Other prominent individuals in the film are Katherine Dunphy, Linda LaScola, Daniel Dennett, Dan Barker, and Phil Zuckerman. Several other prominent individuals within the formal irreligious community appear in the film.

As a feature-length documentary, it is about preachers who are no longer religious believers. The Clergy Project has about 600 members. With the documentary film, this is an exploration of some of their stories. For many people, the loss of faith can mean the loss of family, community, work, income, and hope and meaning from the belief in a hereafter.

Without these life assurances, life can become difficult, uncertain, and even shatter the individual preacher, where even the support from a regular traumatic life event can be taken away, such as job security, and family and community.

This raises personal questions, such as, “How do I make a living? Will I have contact with my family at all? Where can I find meaning in life? Can I even find another community?” Or simply, “What do I do?” These are important questions that arise in the context of losing one’s faith as a leader in the community, potentially.

Now, there are even experiments with communities that have a form of religions and religious ceremony without having the supernatural tenets and beliefs associated with them, including the secular churches, Sunday Assemblies, the Oasis Network, and others.

There will be another showing at 12250 SW Denney Rd in the Southminster Presbyterian Church Church in Beaverton, Oregon. This will be on November 30 at 7:30 PM, which is a Thursday.

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2 thoughts on “Losing Our Religion Documentary Film 

    1. Tim Underwood

      Probably joining a secularist movement is a better anti-war act. Just stopping at atheist is a little less proactive. I’m not sure of this but learning about religion’s history and its exclusively human made-up invention might be the best of all anti-war acts. Killing fellow creatures because of fictions or fantasies must be repugnant to all rational beings.

      When a person watches war documentary movies this person should be overwhelmed by witnessing the huge quantities of equipment destroyed as well as the vast numbers of young combatants killed. If a similar level of planning and resource dedication could be applied to humanities’ current environmental concerns there would be a high probability of success in solving these issues. It seem that only war or military action gets adequate planning or engineering attention.


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