Short Chat with Violine Namyalo – HALEA and UHASSO

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How much does atheism overlap with humanism to you? 
Violine Namyalo: Humanism greatly overlaps with humanism, both philosophies don’t believe in the existence of a deity.
Jacobsen: Does one need to be an atheist to be a humanist?
Namyalo: Because humanism doesn’t believe in any god, God or devil just like Atheism does.  I think being a humanist is equivalent to being an Atheist.
Jacobsen: How much influence does theism have on politics in Uganda? 
Namyalo: Theism influences a lot of Ugandan politics. This is because most politicians are religious and they make decisions basing on religious guidance.  
Jacobsen: What is an educational initiative, ongoing, to reduce the level of superstition and anti-reason aspects of Ugandan culture?
Namyalo: Humanist schools in Uganda are part of the initiatives ongoing to reduce superstition and anti-reason.
Jacobsen: Is the trajectory for religion on the decrease, and so irreligion on the increase, in Uganda in the future?
Namyalo: If people allow their minds to openly think, and also apply critical thinking to everything they do, I am sure religion will decrease in the future.
Jacobsen: Thank you for your time, Violine.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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