Blasphemy Day 2017: Jesus dress-up

[A cartoon of a dress-up doll Jesus, who is nailed to the cross. The dress-up items are all BDSM themed, featuring various humiliating, feminizing, and other erotic accessories. The text says: "Now it's time for BDSM Jesus Dressup! Dress Jesus up in any of these exciting outfits then punish Him for all your sins! With magnetic BDSM Jesus, you can dress Him up again and again until He cant' take it any more! Visit Him on the web at Don't be so shy, you know He wnats it just as bad as you wanna be forgiving or it!"]

As funny as this is on the face of ut, I just about died when I read the “Manufacturer’s note” in the fine print: “Jesus’s horsetail buttplug is meant to be positioned behind Him.”

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