Cameroon: Reject Ukpabio’s Witch hunting Mission

by | September 15, 2017
By Leo Igwe
Nigeria’s notorious witch hunter, Helen Ukpabio is taking her witchcraft ministry to Cameroon. According to a post on her Facebook page: Ukpabio will be preaching in Limbe: “I will be in Limbe, Cameroon for five days (18th to 22nd of October) for a program tagged “Freedom From Strong Family Darkness”. Plan to attend and invite a friend or two! May God Bless You in Jesus Name”. 
It is pertinent to ask Ukpabio what ‘family darkness’ actually means and why she thinks that the people in Cameroon need someone to free them from that.
Ukpabio is a self-styled ex-witch who grew her church by promoting baseless witchcraft narratives. Recently she announced a number of demon and witch hunting programs within Nigeria and beyond.
Before traveling to Cameroon, Ukpabio and her son will be hosting a session in Lagos, Nigeria from October 4 to 8. The theme of the event is: Deliverance from Difficult Witchcraft Attacks.
According to Ukpabio, “Witchcraft remains one of the major avenues through which the devil attacks and oppresses unbelievers and believers in the world today. This has led to oppression, joblessness, hardship, untimely death, failed marriages in families, unfruitfulness etc”. Unfortunately, this woman is ignorant and mistaken!
Ukpabio’s witchcraft preachings have been linked to rampant cases of child witchcraft accusations in Southern Nigeria. Witchcraft is a form of superstition; a belief informed by fear and unreason.
There is absolutely no connection between joblessness, hardship, untimely death and failed marriages with witchcraft as Ukpabio has claimed. In the name of freeing people from family darkness, this witch hunter spreads hatred and suspicion among family members.
She incites violence against imputed witches who are usually women, children, and elderly persons. The people of Cameroon should resist Ukpabio. They should reject her ‘gospel’ of hate and division in families and communities.

One thought on “Cameroon: Reject Ukpabio’s Witch hunting Mission

  1. mday

    as a Christian I wish could do something to speak out against this blasphemy that this church is preaching, since this kind of teaching is on the rise but rarely allowed to reach its logical conclusion. it is so unbelievably easy to refute the entire foundation of their message by what Jesus taught which they don’t understand because they are blind. If I can’t do anything at least I got to say how wrong it is
    Seeing preachers such as this reminds me of a saying of Jesus preserved in Islamic tradition
    Walking along the road they come across a dead animal
    The disciples say to him, teacher how it stinks
    Yes he replied, but how white are it’s teeth


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