Technical issues

by | April 10, 2017

We’ve had some minor technical issues. Some posts and comments have been lost, but we might be able to recover them all.

If you’ve made a comment and its disappeared, or if you were intending to reply to a comment/post and it’s now gone, just hang tight. Give us till Monday to restore all the lost stuff, and if something is still missing then, let us know.

This was not hacking. It was just a case of a badly behaving app. No need to change your passwords or anything (though of course, it’s a good idea to do that from time to time in any case.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Keep your dials tuned to this station.

4 thoughts on “Technical issues

  1. Jim Atherton

    A few days ago I could find a page on Canadian Atheist where I could enter a link to a news story which I thought might be of interest to atheists to appear in ‘Weekly Update’. I’ve been looking for the way to get to that page today and can’t seem to find it. I remember that it was certainly not something easy to find when I did find it. As I recall it was at the bottom of posts just before comments attached to the line “This entry was posted in Canadian Atheist… etc.” above.

    1. Indi Post author

      The link you’re looking for is:

      But you don’t need to remember the link. The easy way to find it is to look at the bottom of every Weekly Update post. Every Weekly Update post has small print at the bottom (just above the social media share links) that says: “Canadian Atheist’s Weekly Update depends on the submissions of readers like you. If you see anything on the Internet that you think might be of interest to CA readers, please take a minute to make a submission.” Those last three words (“make a submission”) are a link to the submission page.

  2. Jim Atherton

    I get the impression that you are something of a computer guru, one of the main reasons I like Canadian Atheist is knowing we have someone like you on our side. I’m something of a computer unguru, if I told you some of the kinds of problems I’ve had trying to use these contraptions you would be truly astonished that I’m still here. That description you give above exactly describes the page I could find a couple of day ago but couldn’t today. I think I know how to click one of those blue links without my laptop blowing up, so thanks, I should be okay now.

    1. Indi Post author

      I am actually *not* a computer guru – not even close. ^_^; There are a small number of things that I know *very* well, and a large number of things I know very little about. Unfortunately, one of the things I know little about is networking and the Internet.

      But, Canadian Atheist needed a helmsman, so I took the wheel, and I’ve been bumbling along ever since.


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