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by | February 25, 2017

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

[The third panel from "Anti-Theodicy", a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic. It shows a little girl angrily asking a priest how explains the existence of a jerkass god if good things always happen to good people.]

Well, the existence part is difficult to explain, but at least the jerkass part is easy.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Update: to

  1. Tim Underwood

    “They hate us; they’ll always hate us. It’s nothing new.”

    Again, this is an interfaith issue. The anti-anti imagine they are protecting baby Jesus from the antichrist hordes.

    At Canadian Atheists we are not in a position to be interfaith referees. As for studying the Koran to develop a better understanding of Muslim psychology: this may turn out to have the opposite effect. I know from studying Christianity, it doesn’t endear the student to Christian pro-slavery, pro-servitude, totalitarian tainted worship.

    1. Indi Post author

      It’s hardly just an interfaith issue. There are plenty of atheists on Levant’s side.

  2. Randy

    “right to hate”

    If people are actually advocating a right to hate (despite the fact that there plainly IS and OUGHT to be a right to hate) that would be sad.

    But we must never overlook, particularly in the same context, that the hijab itself is a bold statement of hatred against men (as rapists) and non-hijabi women (as sluts deserving of rape).

    How interesting that the article brings up Canada’s only proven Islamophobe, at the exact same time that we allow back into the country a Muslim who led or at least participated in a 3000-strong armed mob attack on a mosque in Pakistan, because those Muslims at the mosque weren’t doing Islam right. How very interesting indeed.

    I’ve already detailed previously why every Canadian is right to fear Islam, and those who push it. Islam is in serious need of the kinds of reforms that neutered Christianity centuries ago. It hasn’t happened, and it isn’t happening. And when people try to do it, SPLC labels THEM extremists.

  3. Randy

    “the left being the problem”

    The Trudeau government is the first is nearly a century to appoint a cabinet explicitly based on sexist policy. Case closed.

  4. Randy

    “how sharply it highlighted the hypocrisy of the ‘freeze peach’ crowd”

    Aww, aren’t you so cute. Frozen peaches! Muh haw! Muh Haw haw haw!

    But, no. Rather, it simply showed that the authoritarians on the right, the old establishment who Milo was fighting against and was about to publicly lambaste at CPAC, haven’t gone anywhere just because Trump won. It’s a shot across the bow to Trump. “First we take your court jester. You’re next.”

    As many on the actual left have noted, the disdain with which those who have hijacked our movement regard free speech is terribly dangerous. Without free speech, no other rights have any basis.

  5. Randy

    “Denmark’s blasphemy law

    But… but… muh freeze peach!

    Your hypocrisy is astounding.

  6. Randy

    “This article actually points to some research debunking that idea”

    That’s fine. What they’re really referring to is the loss of privilege (a word rarely used correctly). So long as the law is applied to all groups equally (i.e. Christians), I have no problem with it.

  7. Bubba Kincaid

    Don’t forget there is also the problem of muslims using our own liberal laws against us. As they are so successfully doing, and, in fact, seems to be their only successful maneouvering to date.

    Classic catch-22 on our traditional liberal laws of equality, freedom, and justice.

    The solution may be for the West to unite in defence of our tradition of liberal laws against misuse by people seeking to use them to bring down our system of traditional liberal laws.

    So, if you are trying to use our liberal laws, to bring down our liberal laws, then your use of our liberal laws should be limited.


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