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by | February 1, 2017

If you know anything about film criticism, or if you just have an interest in film and would like to try your hand at being a reviewer, I have been given information about a film that I would like someone to take a look at, and write a review of for Canadian Atheist.

[Poster for Gustavo Coletti's film "Gods".]

Gustavo Coletti’s Gods

The film is Dioses, or in English: Gods. It was written and directed by Gustavo Coletti, from Argentina.

From what I’ve heard, the plot goes something like this: The god of our universe is being judged by a cabal of gods. He awaits their judgment in a divine brothel, where he talks with other divine beings, such as Venus and an angel. With these characters, God discusses his relationship with humanity, our relationships with each other, and how we interpret reality and life. I haven’t seen the film myself yet, but I get the sense that God is very critical of religion and religious thinking.

It was apparently originally intended to be a stage play, but Coletti had difficulty with directors and actors backing out or attempting to water down the play, due to finding it offensive. He finally got it made as a film on a shoestring budget, with the help of film school students from Mexico, and premiered it in Tijuana last year.

Here’s the trailer:

I haven’t seen the film myself, but Gustavo Coletti is an atheist who – when asked by a film journalist what he wanted film’s message to be – answered (this is a third-hand translation):

I would like the film to alert [viewers] of the damage caused by religions digressing us of reason to make us dependent on the mythology.

There’s also been some good reviews so far of the film, with praise for the writing. Martín De Leon has been praised for his portrayal of God, as has Eva Angelo for her role as an angel. It also won Best Story and Best Latin Actress (for Eva Angelo, I believe) at the Winter 2016 edition of the Mediterranean Film Festival (MedFF).

From time to time CA gets requests to review various media – books, theatre, film, and so on. It would be nice if we could have someone who could do these reviews on a semi-regular basis. It would be even nicer if we could get someone specifically interested in – for example, in this case – film criticism to be our regular film reviewer. It would be wonderful to have someone doing semi-regular film reviews from an atheist or humanist perspective. And there would be perks that come along with the job, such as free, early, or special access.

So if you’re interested in film criticism, and would like to become a reviewer for Canadian Atheist – and especially if you’d like to start by reviewing Gustavo Coletti’s Gods – get in touch through the contact form and let me know.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a film reviewer

  1. Tim Underwood

    Having a movie review would be good. Getting lots of comments from our atheist community about this film would be even better.

    Movies are occasionally a transformative art form, as we have seen a few times in the past decades.

    I believe that the immigrant Muslim community would gain a much superior understanding of North American culture and a deeper perspective of their own culture if they all viewed ‘Inherit the Wind’ and then discussed it amongst themselves. I would even go so far as to recommend they do it as an annual exercise.

    If you are acquainted this masterwork, you probably would respond to my suggestion by saying that there are a lot of American and Canadian natives that should do likewise.

    1. Indi Post author

      Unfortunately, someone has already volunteered to review Gods, and I don’t think we can get access to the film more than once.

      However, with your permission, I’ll keep you in mind for future film review requests.


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