Seeking educators and parents for a survey

The Religion and Diversity Project is a government-funded research initiative studying religious diversity in Canada. They’re putting out a request for Canadian public school educators and parents of children in public elementary or secondary school to fill out a research survey about what they think students should learn about religion, beliefs and world views in Canadian public schools.

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Religion and Diversity Project

The Religion and Diversity Project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and headquartered at the University of Ottawa. It’s a $2.5 million, 7-year project, now in its final year. The kinds of questions it asks include:

  • How are religious identities socially constructed?
  • How is religious expression defined and delimited in law and public policy?
  • How and why do gender and sexuality act as flashpoints in debates on religious freedom?
  • What are alternative strategies for managing religious diversity?

This is a huge project, broken up into multiple strands and sub-projects, with researcher names that Canadian Atheist readers might recognize, like Dr. Lori Beaman and Prof. Solange Lefebvre (Lefebvre was expert witness for the city in Mouvement laïque québécois v Saguenay (City).

One of the sub-projects is Religion and Education, that looks into how religions should be taught. They are seeking:

  • Canadian public school educators, including current or retired teachers, principals, and counsellors; or
  • parents of public elementary or secondary school students in Canada

to fill out a survey on what they think students should learn about religion, beliefs and world views in Canadian public schools.

I don’t fit the requirements, so I couldn’t take the survey. But I did take their cultural and religious identity survey to get a feel for what they were looking for. I found it to be a very interesting, well-designed, and well-intentioned survey, so I assume the education survey would be the same.

So if you meet the requirements above, please take 20–30 minutes and fill out the “Learning about Religion, Beliefs & World views in Public Education” survey.

If you don’t meet the requirements, or even if you do but feel up to filling out a second survey, consider filling out the “Cultural and Religious Identity Survey”.

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