Gretta Vosper to speak after Unholy play

by | January 17, 2017

Unholy, the new play by atheist playwright Diane Flacks, opened at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre , and runs until .

[Poster for the play "Unholy".]


The play is a dialogue between four fictional women:

  1. a feminist Muslim;
  2. an Orthodox Jewish spiritual leader;
  3. an excommunicated nun; and
  4. a lesbian atheist pundit.

The topic of their discussion is “should women abandon religion?”, with the latter two characters in favour of doing so, and the former two opposed.

One of the things the presenters are doing at the shows is having guest speakers give talks afterwards on the topics brought up in the play. It’s two events discussing misogyny and religion for the price of one.

[Photo of Gretta Vosper.]

Gretta Vosper

After the show (), the guest speaker will be Gretta Vosper, the atheist minister who was kicked out of the United Church of Canada .

If you can still get tickets for the show, that would certainly be an interesting one to see. Failing that, the play on any night is sure to be fascinating. You can also contact the theatre to find out if there are any guest speakers after the show on the days you’re thinking of going.

h/t CFIC.

2 thoughts on “Gretta Vosper to speak after Unholy play

    1. Indi Post author

      I have just heard that the play’s run in Toronto has been extended until February 5th.

      I haven’t heard anything about other venues or a tour, but I would suggest getting in touch with your local SHAFT groups and asking them to see about bringing the play to your area. They might already be working on it! And if not, getting a lot of support might enable them to set up special performances.

      In your case, the best bet might be CFI Calgary. You can contact them at


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