Weekly Update: to

by | December 24, 2016

There’s no Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

All your friendly neighbourhood CA contributors are off for the holidays. But we’ll be back, some of us before the new year, some after.

I could have announced that there would be no weekly update this week in advance, but I didn’t on the possibility that maybe some interesting news might have come up. Nothing did, though – the news was almost completely full of moaning about Trump finally clinching the American election, and pretty much nothing else.

By the same token, I’m not going to assert right now that there won’t be a weekly update on . There might be something interesting enough to post about despite my inevitable drunken stupor. But more likely than not, the next real weekly update will be posted on .

So whatever you celebrate, enjoy the holidays, and if you don’t celebrate anything at all, enjoy the sales, and if you don’t celebrate anything and refuse to be a cog in our corrupt capitalist economy… well, I dunno, you’ll figure something out.


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