Canada’s greenhouse gas projections (2016-12-13)

[A line chart showing Canada's greenhouse gas emissions (up to 2015) and projections (2016 on), with markers showing the targets for four targets: the Kyoto Protocol (2012), the Copenhagen Accord (2020), the Paris Agreement (2030), and the long-term federal target announced November 2016 (2050). There are two projection lines, one for the 2015 estimate, one for the new 2016 estimate. The 2016 estimate is slightly lower, but still increasing from current levels. We missed Kyoto by about 20%, and by the 2016 estimate will miss the more moderate Copenhagen target by about 15%, the Paris target by around 30%, and the long-term target by around 80%.]

Yes, there is improvement, but obviously we have to do much better even just to level off.


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