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by | October 29, 2016

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

Monthly global CO2 concentrations for the past 5 years. Over 400 ppm is now the new normal.

Monthly global CO2 concentrations for the past 5 years. Over 400 ppm is now the new normal.

  • [] ”Stephen Colbert Considers Fleeing America”(Video: 5:58)

    Stephen Colbert takes the Canadian citizenship quiz, and while he fails catastrophically, along the way he does manage to belt out an impressive Lightfoot medley.

  • [] ”Friendly Atheist Podcast: Ep. 132 Luke Fevin, Canadian Atheist Activist”(Video: 44:01)

    Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta talks with Luke Fevin, in an interesting interview discussing topics including prayer in schools and dying with dignity.

  • [] Intolerance Unveiled in Quebec

    Hillary Margolis of Human Rights Watch writes a scathing indictment of Québec bill 62, the latest incarnation of the veil rage idiocy.

  • [] The world passes 400ppm carbon dioxide threshold. Permanently

    Normally CO2 levels are at their lowest in September, after a summer of plants soaking up CO2. When winter in the northern hemisphere approaches (where most of the land is), the plants shed, the droppings decompose, and most of that CO2 is released back into the atmosphere. That means that if we haven’t seen CO2 levels dip below 400 ppm before October… it’s probably not happening for the year. And that means 2015 may have been the last year that any human alive today will live through where the CO2 levels were below 400 ppm.

  • [] Alberta Education shuts down private Christian school in Cold Lake

    Mostly good news about home schooling fraud coming to an end, but do bear in mind that, as usual, what finally shut this crap down was not the fact that they weren’t properly educating the kids… as usual, it was a money thing.

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