International Blasphemy Day 2016

by | September 29, 2016

is International Blasphemy Day.

[A painting of Jesus on the cross, with a word ballon saying "brb", and one of the onlookers responding with "lol".]

Just one of many “Jesus LOL” memes.

In honour of the day, and to protest the fact that we still have a blasphemy law in Canada, I’d like to open the comments to our readers, and invite them to post the most hilarious blasphemies they can come up with, or have observed on the Internet.

So post your blasphemous jokes, link your blasphemous images, share your blasphemous songs, videos, and whatever else. If you have anything that mocks religions other than the obvious targets – namely Christianity and Islam – then by all means, share!

Just remember, blasphemy is about mocking religious ideas… not religious people. This is not an open invitation to mock Christians; it is an invitation to mock Christianity. It is not an invitation to mock Muslims; it is an invitation to mock Islam. (And so on for any other religious group and religion.) Ask yourself: Is what you plan to share about making believers look stupid – regardless of whether they believe in stupid or offensive ideas or not – or is it about making beliefs look stupid? I will grant you that it is often a fuzzy line, but if you really can’t tell the difference, I’d suggest not posting what you have here.

I’ll share some images and jokes to get things rolling:

[Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper", which shows all the disciples leaning away from Jesus in awe... captioned with the text "Jesus farts".]

Blame it on all those loaves and fishes.

[A cartoon showing a basketball player burning in Hell. The person suffering next to him asks why he ended up in Hell, since he was such a good person in life. In flashback, we see the basketball player with a ball in his hand as God walks by... with the basketball player looking longingly at God's halo, which looks suspiciously like a basketball hoop.]

I’d take the shot, too.


This is a long one, but worth it. Plus, it’s even educational!

[A very long image showing increasing scale, starting with Earth, then the solar system, then local stellar neighbourhood, galaxy, galactic group, Virgo supercluster, local superclusters, the observable universe... then at a scale greater than even that, Jesus looking down on everything, saying "don't masturbate".]

Kinda puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?


Jesus said to God. “Dad, if I really have to go to Earth to live as a human man, then I want to be hung like this,” and he spread his arms as wide as he could.

The rest is history. (Or rather, fiction.)


I call my weed “Quran”.

Because when I burn that shit, I get stoned.

2 thoughts on “International Blasphemy Day 2016

  1. Tim Underwood

    “It’s better that you should bomb us than ridicule our faith.”

    This is what a Canadian trained doctor from the middle east said to Barbra Fromm during some sort of invasion back in the 80’s. She had phoned him during the crisis to get a “Canadian” perspective on the issue. This dentist had at least one wife and several children living with him.

    I totally agree with you about practicing the essential art of Blaspheme. This is just an example of that fuzzy line between the idea and the possessor of that idea; a fool created by an easily dismissed fantasy.

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