Lifeguard Mecca Laa Laa in burqini

[A photo of Australian lifeguard Mecca Laa Laa, wearing her professional burqini, sitting on a rescue board that is being hoisted by her colleagues.]

Yes, there are lifeguards who wear burqinis.

Mecca Laa Laa (c) wearing a full body covering known as the ‘burqini’, sits on a rescue board at Sydney’s Cronulla beach, 04 February 2007. Australia’s first group of Muslim lifesavers hit the sands of Sydney’s Cronulla beach, just over a year after mobs of whites attacked Lebanese Australians there in a bid to “reclaim the beach.” The race riots, the country’s worst of modern times, sparked a series of retaliatory attacks in which churches, shops and cars were trashed and left Australians of Middle Eastern appearance fearful of going to the beach. AFP PHOTO/Anoek DE GROOT / AFP PHOTO / ANOEK DE GROOT

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